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  • Haven't you been exploring the issue of theTrinity”?

  • Today Almighty God comes to express the word, which solves this issue.

  • that God is triune.

  • As to this issue, the answer is in God's word.

  • I have been seeking the issue for decades.

  • Nobody can explain it very well.

  • It is Almighty God who unlocks this mystery.

  • I hear that your niece believes in theEastern Lightning.”

  • I'll never lose my ground because she is my relative.

  • Not to get in touch with theEastern Lightning.”

  • Even if they are your parents, you must disown them.

  • Concerning such a big matter of the Lord Jesus' return,

  • why don't you make a careful investigation?

  • What's the difference among these three Spirits?

  • I've also read many explanations from spiritual men.

  • In the end, the more I explored, the more confused I was.

  • The words are right!

  • Nobody has ever said these.

  • I'll make a good investigation.

  • The words you read

  • are indeed the words that the Holy Spirit speaks to the churches.

  • I've followed You for so many years,

  • but I have been dividing You.

  • I've been regarding You as theTriune God.”

  • O God!

  • I only wish to bring all the believers around me before You

  • and return them to You.

Haven't you been exploring the issue of theTrinity”?

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