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Haven't you been exploring the issue of the “Trinity”?
Today Almighty God comes to express the word, which solves this issue.
… that God is triune.
As to this issue, the answer is in God's word.
I have been seeking the issue for decades.
Nobody can explain it very well.
It is Almighty God who unlocks this mystery.
I hear that your niece believes in the “Eastern Lightning.”
I'll never lose my ground because she is my relative.
Not to get in touch with the “Eastern Lightning.”
Even if they are your parents, you must disown them.
Concerning such a big matter of the Lord Jesus' return,
why don't you make a careful investigation?
What's the difference among these three Spirits?
I've also read many explanations from spiritual men.
In the end, the more I explored, the more confused I was.
The words are right!
Nobody has ever said these.
I'll make a good investigation.
The words you read
are indeed the words that the Holy Spirit speaks to the churches.
I've followed You for so many years,
but I have been dividing You.
I've been regarding You as the “Triune God.”
O God!
I only wish to bring all the believers around me before You
and return them to You.
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The Hidden Truth of the Bible | Official Trailer "Ironclad Proofs--Exploration of the 'Trinity'"

58 Folder Collection
William Sue published on January 9, 2018
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