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It's me, Xiao Lu.
Two “Eastern Lightning” preachers came to my home.
One thing
has been buried in my heart for a long time.
God approves men's affection.
You see...
... that I've completely offered myself up to work for the Lord!
It doesn't match the account!
Why are you so foolish?
the “Eastern Lightning” we heard of is the true way.
Now we hear the news that the Lord has returned,
but if we don't investigate or seek, we'll lose the Lord's salvation!
Once saved, always saved.
God won't and needn't repeat the work of saving man.
Sisters, the concepts of getting saved and being saved are totally different.
There's an essential difference between the two.
To be completely saved by God,
we must obey and follow God's work.
I was so blind and so stubborn.
I regarded Your salvation as Satan's deception
and condemned and blasphemed it blindly.
This fulfills the words in Revelation 14,
It refers to this way.
This time God comes to do the work of removing sins…
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The Salvation of the Soul | Official Trailer "Awakening"

45 Folder Collection
William Sue published on January 9, 2018
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