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Among these students, you are the most excellent.
You should put more effort in the Bible.
The whole Bible testifies of God Godself.
The Bible is the truth.
Apart from the Bible, we will have no life.
God has done a new work.
You're completely deceived.
You're robbing sheep openly.
Any belief against or beyond the Bible is a heresy and is a fallacy.
In the name of the Lord Jesus, I expel you from the church.
I never expected Sister Feng would resist so much.
Go away!
We shouldn't shame the Lord's name.
Don't be angry. With the truth, will we fear dispute?
I graduated from seminary and studied the Bible many years.
Dare to dispute with me? Humph!
The Bible's enough for us to believe in God.
If we want to know God's end-time work,
we need to seek and investigate in God's word and utterance.
What they do is adding to the Bible and resisting God.
If you continue to deny the Bible, we have nothing to talk about.
Then, concerning John 8:58, how will you explain it?
Just now, Sister Feng mentioned the Bible had more than 40 authors.
Sister Feng thinks there is no mistake in it. Is there really no mistake?
I've read the Bible for so many years.
Why haven't I found the mistakes in the Bible?
The Bible is not completely from the Holy Spirit.
Is this … is this possible?
If we don't discern in the Bible
which are God's words and which are man's,
this is a serious problem.
What they said sounds reasonable.
No. Anyway, I must take them down today.
We should draw a lesson from the Pharisees' failure.
Before, we did misinterpret this verse.
If this is the true way, won't we miss this chance?
Maybe we should investigate?
Today, if Almighty God didn't come
and disclose the mystery concerning the Bible to us,
we would never understand.
Sister Feng, please read Almighty God's words.
Thank you!
Rather than believing in God, we believed in the Bible.
O Lord, You've come back.
You've really come back!
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Gospel of the Return of Jesus | Movie Trailer "Ironclad Proofs--Disclose the Mystery About the Bible"

44 Folder Collection
William Sue published on January 9, 2018
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