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It's clearly written in the Bible,
We should only hold onto the name of the Lord Jesus at any time!
We must hold onto the Lord's name.
Sister Wang, Almighty God is the returned Jesus. (Yes!)
It's just that His name has changed.
God has opened the book and loosed the seven seals.
And with the name “Almighty God,”
He has spoken many more words outside the Bible
and done a new work of salvation…
As long as we hold onto the name of the Lord Jesus,
we can be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven.
The “Eastern Lightning” followers
are just so hard to guard against.
I really underestimated them.
When the Lord comes again,
His name will not change.
People should hold onto the name of Jesus!
The Scripture has made it so clear. How will you explain that?
Sister Wang, the question you asked is important.
It's very helpful for us to understand God.
Today Almighty God has given us the answer to this question.
When God comes in the last days,
if He still had the name “Jesus,” then corrupt mankind
would only receive salvation and forgiveness for their sins.
They would never achieve holiness, and enter God's kingdom.
We've been saved forever.
By the name of the Lord Jesus,
we're only forgiven of our sins,
rather than becoming completely holy.
If we cannot stay true to the name of the Lord,
then how will we stand accountable before Him?
Sister, can I ask you a question?
Did God have a name at the very beginning?
I will go and research everything you've said here today.
Thanks be to God!
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Second Coming of Jesus | Official Trailer "God's Name Has Changed?!"

41 Folder Collection
William Sue published on January 9, 2018
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