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  • Hello lords and ladies, my name is Archaic King. Welcome back to Cartoon Hangout. It's

  • been awhile since I uploaded any CH videos, but that's probably because there haven't

  • been any new episodes for a few days. I think that's good since it gave us a little break.

  • Today we're returning for a new episode of We Bare Bears.

  • Now, up until this episode the point of the show was showing the bears trying to fit in

  • with humans, but in a twist this episode features the opposite. While preparing to watch a video

  • about sloths, Grizzly ends up catching an advertisement for a show called Badger in

  • the Wild. It's pretty much your typical survival show. This makes Grizzly think that

  • he needs to take his brothers out into the wild and truly be bearswhich he does, to

  • hilarious results. Of course as you might expect, things do not go his way.

  • The bearstack must truly be mighty, for not even gravity can break it. Grizzly leaves

  • his brothers alone to find some fish but ends up stealing from some campers instead. Panda

  • and Icebear, on the other hand, have their own problems: namely regressing into wild

  • animals after fighting over some imaginary food. Luckily Grizzly saves the day by finding

  • a burger joint and getting them some food. But only after being chased through the woods

  • and even into a runaway car by his primal brothers.

  • A decent episode, I must say. Not as good as some of the past episodes, but you'll

  • still get a few chuckles from this episode's plot. What makes this a decent episode is

  • the twist on the usual theme of the show. Normally they try to fit into human society,

  • but instead they go back to the wild and find they can't handle it. One moment that stood

  • out to me was when Panda and Icebear began walking on all four legs. It's subtle, but

  • they normally walk on two legs only resorting to four in certain instances such as the bearstack.

  • So while the bears are doing their best to be like humans, they've actually done better

  • than they think. Even though this episode wasn't as good as some of the other episodes,

  • as I just said, it does cement this show as one of my favorite cartoons in recent memory

  • if not all time. From the animation, to the characters, to the jokes, We Bare Bears continues

  • to be a surprisingly good cartoon. I hope you enjoyed this review, if you did

  • please consider dropping it a like or a comment. In fact, I'd love to hear your thoughts

  • on this episode. Favorite moment? Favorite Ice Bear line? Let me know in the comments.

  • Make sure to stick around for my review of yesterday's new Teen Titans Go episode.

  • Thanks for watching, take care!

Hello lords and ladies, my name is Archaic King. Welcome back to Cartoon Hangout. It's

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