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We're in Okinawa with Odigo and it's really hot outside.
It's too hot to film out there so we're starting off indoors.
We're going to try on the traditional Okinawan clothes.
Can you show me your fencing trick?
This is my finest sword.
Like that.
Where are you guys going?
We're gonna hunt some Pokemon.
It's really important.
There's a Pikachu! And a Voltorb.
It's really important.

Have fun.
Okay. Your makeup is already good.
Woopwoop thanks
Since you're white, she doesn't need to put white makeup on you any more.
Take your socks off before you start your kimono experience.
That's my advice.
Millie, that looks good on you.
Thank you!
Ryusou are formal Okinawan clothing.
Originally worn by nobility, they're now worn during weddings and ceremonies,
like the Japanese kimono.
How do I look?

Jun, you look so cool!
I don't know if I'm supposed to hide my hands.
It's so difficult.
Maybe you're just too tall.
I guess, maybe.
Chris, get your arse out of here.
The ryusou is said to be a mixture of the Japanese kimono and Chinese hanfu.
They're supposed to be loose, light, and airy, for use in Okinawa's tropical climate.
I don't know how they do this. This is so hot.
This is an air-conditioned building and I'm sweating to death right now.
Shisa pose go!
This is Shuri-jo, Okinawa's only remaining castle.
It's really pretty.
I really, really like this architecture.
I mean, this place was not Japan before.
This was a different foreign country. It was a kingdom.
Ryukyu Oukoku (Ryukyu Kingdom)
We have to take off our shoes here.
Welcome to Japan!
I guess we're walking barefoot through the castle!
Okinawa used to be a kingdom called Ryukyu and it was not part of Japan.
Shuri was the name of that kingdom's capital.
Ryukyu has its own culture and the architecture and atmosphere are very different the main islands of Japan.
You can see below the castle, that's crazy.
The views around the castle are beautiful.
This was a great first day for us
but day 2 we finally hit the beach, which was even better.
Welcome to Okinawa! Let's go!
We found this thing.
I know you can't hear me very well because I have the case on my gopro,
but we found a thing we can sit on.
You can see underwater.
We found more people.
It's kinda hard to get up on here.
Yeah, I know.
You have to like... squiggle like a seal.
Like belly flop.
Millie, looking great!
Look at my wife and her friend!
They're awesome ★
You mean "our friend"
not just my friend.
"Yeah, she's not my friend. I don't know who she is."
Did you get my sexy bug bites?
Yeah, hot.
It looks really itchy.
Thank you!
Woah, this is amazing!
I'm flying!
This feels great!
No, I don't wanna go back down.
Guys, that was really awesome!
It's a little bit pricey but definitely worth it. ;)
Let's do our best!
The Kerama Islands are about an hour west of Okinawa by ferry,
We touched down in Tokashiki, a much smaller island with a more laid back feel
and a magical cove with water so striking it earned the nickname “Kerama blue”.
Look at that! It's really sky blue!
Chris, why is the sea blue?
Uh, they put dye in the sea.
They dye it blue to make it look more tropical.
They do that around regions like this to attract tourists.
Here we are.
We're gonna stay here!
It's a baby kitty!
How are you doing?
Let's go snorkeling!
We're going to go snorkeling!
And the water here is supposedly really blue and clear.
It's so transparent it's ridiculous.
Omg, I'm so excited.
I like your style, Kasia.
Thank you.
I like your style, but then...
No, it looks good.
It looks like you're going down in a mine.

Maybe I am.
All right, let's go!
Are you guys ready?
There are sharks here, but they're not the type that kill people.
Friendly sharks?
But he said there are big whales that come during the winter.
3.. 2.. 1..
There was too much to see for one video
so we'll be uploading our daily vlogs from Okinawa on our vlog channel.
If you want to see more of our Okinawa trip then please check out our videos there!
If you want to visit the places we went today, or find other spots in Japan to visit,
check out Odigo Travel.
It's a free website that helps you plan your trip to Japan.
This year they're sending YouTubers to all 47 prefectures
to find the best spots for visitors.
We're going to less than half,
but you can find videos on every prefecture on their YouTube channel.
Check the description box for links!
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OKINAWA | Japan's tropical paradise

431 Folder Collection
Caurora published on January 7, 2018
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