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Hi, I'm [INAUDIBLE] from Intel.
In this video, I will discuss
the Intel Speech Enabling

Developer Kit.
It aims to provide
speech capabilities

into your smart home devices.
We are also going
to show you how

to set it up so that
you can start using it

in your own developments.
Smart homes do more than just
connect devices to the cloud.

The value of a smart home
comes from addressing

the real human needs by easing
the task of running a home,

creating peace of mind,
and enriching daily life.

To be truly smart, a
home must seamlessly

interconnect diverse
devices, services, and things

throughout the home to become
more perceptive, responsive,

and autonomous.
Our homes work seamlessly to
understand your intentions,

anticipate your needs,
and proactively deliver

amazing experiences.
Speech understanding

are essential to a smart home.
Now I'll walk you through
assembling the Intel Speech

Enabling Developer Kit.
Step one, start
with the DSP board

with the bottom side facing up.
Place the screws with the
heads down on a hard surface

and insert one washer
on each of the screws.

Insert the three screws
into the three screw

slots on the DSP board.
Place another washer on the
other side of the board,

and screw in the
three large standoffs.

Step two, insert the
Raspberry Pi connector

cable on the board.
Step 3--
Now you have a fully set up
Intel Speech Enabling Developer

Thank you for watching
and to learn more,

check out

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How to Set Up Your Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit | Intel Software

95 Folder Collection
alex published on January 6, 2018
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