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Using Visualization & Intention To Amplify
Your Spiritual Abilities

Visualization without intention is like having
a great car without fuel.

Visualization (covered here) can open the
gateway to infinite spiritual progression

and facilitates spiritual abilities such as
spirit communication, types of meditation,

healing, telekinesis, psychic abilities and
so much more.

Without 'intention' (or will) then the drivers
are not there to make visualization work for

Take these examples.
Your intention is to remove negative energies
from your mind/body/spirit complex after a

busy day, so you visualize abundant healing
energies during meditation.

Your intention is to meet your spirit guides
and explore other dimensions, so you visualize

an astral body and send it travelling.
Your intention is to perform psychometry on
an object you're holding to know more about

its previous owner, so you relax and allow
images to form naturally in your mind, visualized

within the mind's eye.
You see, without the intention, visualization
lacks purpose.

But the same goes for everything in life right?
Every action you perform requires the will
to do so.

However, within the spirit world intention
(or will) has far more power.

In our earthly lives, we intend to do something
so we activate our physical body to take the

action to get it driven by the mind.
In the spirit world, thoughts become reality
far easier than here in the earthly realm.

Thoughts are powerful energies, especially
when backed up by powerful emotions, and these

can, and do, cause real manifestations within
other dimensions of existence.

The intention is the fuel, or even rocket
fuel, behind making your visualizations become

Intention (the will) can change anything and
here's some proof.

Stand up and get ready to touch your toes
keeping your knees locked in the classical

Have the attitude that you really cannot do
it, that it's too difficult - now give it

a try.
This time, do it again and know that you can
do it, you really can, you can do anything

- now go for it!
Hopefully you haven't strained a muscle, but
how much further did you get the second time?

You see, the power of intention changes everything.
A general visualization with little or no
intention, such as imagining a walk in the

park, has no real attachment to the energy
outputs of the self and therefore will not

attract back to self.
It is simply a daydream that may or may not
manifest in other densities of existence,

past, present or future, experienced by you
or any other entity.

The energy in not invested.
If you visualize strongly about owning a new
home, you greatly increase the probability

of this event occurring.
'Visualize strongly' meaning to visualize
with powerful intent, investing much emotional

energy into the visualization - really wanting
it to happen, picturing it as if it has already

happened, as if it is real.
Create emotional energy, mix it with your
intent and visualize it happening.

This does three things.
It motivates your physical earthly self to
take action to achieve the ambition.

Secondly, it creates a thought form that can
actually manifest into other past, present

or future dimensional realities, and when
the will is strong enough, literally drop

in frequency and occur here in this earthly

Thirdly, your spirit guides, companions or
higher self may heed your strong will and

help to manifest the event for you if the
conditions are right and it's in accordance

with your life plan (if you have one).
There's a problem though.
Think about the power of intention and the
will to really achieve something.

You can visualize meeting your soul-mate and
every aspect of them that makes them perfect

for you, and you can set your intention of
really wanting to meet them.

You can feel the joy of doing so and the love
that you both will share.

However, if there are any blocks to this intention
then the probability of the visualization

manifesting are greatly reduced.
For example, you may have doubts that it's
possible to meet the right person, that they

even exist.
You might feel like you don't deserve to find
love, that you're not sure if you're quite

ready, or if you have time for a new partner
due to your career commitments.

Any of these thoughts and others like them
are the polar opposite to your strong intention

of meeting your soul-mate.
You may even find yourself inadvertently visualizing
opposites like working late and your new partner

wondering how they really fit into your life.
Any thought energy, emotional energy or visualizations
that work against the initial visualization

and intention will greatly counteract it's

Take telekinesis.
In order to move an earthly physical object
(with knowledge of prana (chi) and oneness

of the universe), you must totally believe
what you're doing will have the intended effect.

If you visualize making a pendulum swing,
strongly visualize it moving with the playful

yet focused intention of creating the movement
- any thought in your mind that this feat

is impossible will counteract the effect.
The will is everything.
The universe knows what you want and acts
upon it.

This is because you are one with the universe,
it knows what you know and it wants you to

have what you strongly desire.
Make your visualization and intention pure
- it must be focused with pure thought and

strong emotional energy directed at a singular

Then the blocking interference is minimized.
Have a creative attitude when performing visualization
with strong intention.

Oftentimes you're creating something like
thought-forms, manifestations, gifts of high

vibrational energy, healing and more.
You are the creator and you can do what you
wish (in love and light).

Intention is the ultimate creative force when
using good visualization.

Other times you are receiving visualizations
rather than creating them yourself, for example,

clairvoyance during spirit communication involves
imagery being shown to you in your mind's

eye to interpret.
Psychic (human to human) images, visions and
information too is given and not created by

In these cases you should always communicate
with the highest intent, for purpose of healing

and radiating love.
Intentions are just as important in these
cases because, for instance, the spirit world

needs to know what it is you want from the
communication and sometimes more importantly,

what you don't want (like for any passing
spirit to drop in on the conversation).

Although all life on Earth is important, a
key reason why humanity dominates the earth

is that the level of 'soul' progression among
us facilitates a constant seeking.

A strong intention or will to make things

In this way we are different from the rest
of the animal kingdom and therefore able to

visualize many realities into existence, often
without even realizing we are using visualization

and intention to do so.
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How to Visualize with Intention: Want Better Spiritual Abilities & Intuitive Senses?

48 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on January 5, 2018
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