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Hello and welcome to today's lesson, my name is Rima and I'm here with an answer for your
nightmare. If you've been worrying yourself and troubling yourself over how you're gonna
learn English. How are you gonna practise it, perfect it? Don't worry, there are simple
and easy ways to do it and that's exactly what I'm gonna talk about today.
So the first simple way in which you can practise or learn English is a song, a day, that's
right. All you need to do is listen to one English song every day. so when you are listening
to this English song and it could be any English song, what you can do is you can listen carefully,
try to figure out the words or lyrics and if there's a difficult word in the words or
lyrics, you can find out its meaning and try to use that word in your daily conversation.
Like for example, my age old favourite song by Ronan Keating which was used on the soundtrack
of the movie Noting Hill, when you say nothing at all. so the first two lines go something
like it's amazing how you can speak right to my heart, without saying a word, you can
light up the dark. Well simple and easy lyrics and a great way of learning how to use words
like amazing or you know how to use like a phrasal verb like light up, you know in a
sentence. So well this is a great song to start with and if you want to listen to this
song, click on the link below.
moving on I have for you the second method in which, you know you can quickly and easily
practise your English and this is, to call a customer service. Now this could be a customer
service for your telephone company, for your cable company or any other such customer service.
All you need to do is, select English as your language of communication. That's very important.
So select English as your language and listen to the messages that play out on
the automated voice service. So while you listen to the messages, you will learn a lot
of new words. You will learn how to form sentences and what you can do is, you can call one such
customer service daily. it won't take too much of your time and it won't be that expensive,
if you spend about two to three minutes, listening to people talking on the automated service
and the day you feel confident, you can even have a small formal chat with the customer
service officer. So you could you know begin with a simple chat like hello, how are you
today? Or yes, I am fine, thank you and I would like your help. So basic sentences like
this can be practise in your conversation, in your talk with the customer service officer
and as you keep getting more and more confident, you will notice that you can have a conversation
with absolute ease and yes you can have that conversation in English.
Moving on, I have for you a very interesting idea because this idea will also help your
social life, it'll help you have more friends. So what you can do is, you can host a dinner.
That's right, so have a dinner party or just like a sit down dinner at home, where
you invite a lot of friends, you know probably like-minded people who also want to learn
and practise their English. so all of you could make sure that you'll are chatting
with each other in English over dinner or you could have guests who are already very
good at English, so that throughout the dinner, you are practising your English speaking skills
with them. now if you think having a dinner is a very far out idea, you could also have
a pot luck dinner, where in all of your friends who are tryin to learn English bring one interesting
dish and all of you'll just sit down, enjoy the potluck and enjoy your conversation in
English. This is a great way to practise your English. Well whoever thought that dinner
guests could be great English teachers?
Now the next idea in which you can practise your English or learn new English words is
very simple, very effective and very entertaining, that's right. All you need to do is watch
movies with subtitles. Now if you don't know what subtitles means, it means that whatever
is being said in form of dialogue on the screen is written down in English and it flashes
at the bottom of your screen. Like for example the subtitles that are appearing below your
screen right now. So if you haven't turned on your subtitles, make sure you click this
button at the bottom of the screen and turn them on your YouTube player, so that whatever
I am saying, along with listening to me, you can also read it and understand each word
easily and correctly. So yes all you need to do is watch movies with subtitles. Now
these movies could be in any language. If they are in a language that you know, even
better. So you can listen to the movies in your language, so that you are comfortable
and you understand what's going on. At the same time, keep reading the English subtitles
below, so that you know, what exactly the translation in English is and of course if
you encounter a difficult word, you know what to do. Look up its meaning on the internet
and use it in daily conversation because practise makes perfect. That's right so that's an
idea, watching movies with subtitles. An easy thing to do and a very entertaining idea at
Moving on, learn two new words a day. Sounds difficult, not really, two words, sounds really
simple. Can you imagine? Two words a day is sixty words in a month and that's a lot. So
how will you do this? Well you could use the newspaper or you could use a ,magazine or
you could use the internet. Just keep reading and if you encounter a word that you don't
know or you find difficult, refer to the dictionary, find out its meaning and keep using the word
in your conversation. So if you keep accumulating two new words in your vocabulary every single
day, by the end of the month, you will have sixty new words in your vocabulary and that
will really add greatly to your fluency in English.
The next thing you can do is very simple again and it's also something that we do on a daily
basis, one post a day on Facebook in English. That's right, a post a day on Facebook but
in English. so if you are very keen about polishing and learning English, you know make
sure you have some friends ion your Facebook list who are also communicating in English
and if not, even then you should make an attempt to write one post on Facebook every day in
English. In the beginning you can start with a status update like a one line update like,
hi I am having a great day. You know and as time passes you can increase the number of
words or sentences that you write in English in that post. If you keep doing this daily,
you will get the confidence to start writing and communicating in English.
The next thing you should do is also very easy and this can be done while travelling
or while going for a walk. All you need to do is, very carefully read hoardings and signboards.
so wonder walking on the road, there's a lot of signs that shops carry, a lot of hoardings
that are standing on the road, you know a lot of signboards that we come across, make
sure you reach, you read each and every one of them carefully because a lot of these signboards
and hoardings will teach you new words and these words are generally the words which
are used in daily life. So if you keep reading and making a note of the difficult words,
it will greatly add to your vocabulary. So don't you know dismiss this as something too
simple to do. Reading hoardings, signboards and especially ads will help you greatly.
Well these are some of the quick and easy ways in which you can learn and practise English.
There's also another one and that is watch you tube videos. I'm sure that brings a
smile on your face because you are already doing that. That's exactly what you are
doing right now,. You are watching this lesson in order to learn English. Well another thing
that I think you must do and don't forget is if you want to learn new words everyday
like two new words or a single word, we have a channel called daily video vocabulary, subscribe
to that channel and this is the link that you can use to subscribe to that channel.
On this channel you'll get a new word everyday along with lots of examples that you can really
savor and use to master how to use that word in your daily life.
Well I really hope that these quick and easy ways to learn and practise English help you
and they add to your fluency as an English speaker. If you have anything to say to me,
make sure you type in the comment box below and of course if you want many more such lessons,
all you need to do is subscribe to our channel. This is me Rima signing out, saying bye and
take care.
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7 Quick & Easy ways to learn English faster. - Improve your English Speaking

121 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on January 5, 2018
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