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Damn. Two branded videos in a row.
Girl, get it.
What up everyone?
It's ya girl, Superwoman.
Aight, so you feel bad because you keep
slacking and making the same mistake.
Listen I've been feeling really guilty.
And I just want to start by saying I'm sorry
and I know you've heard this before but I am.
I've been neglecting you and I don't want to.
And I keep saying I want to make
time for you but then I don't.
Lilly, I don't feel any.
I just, I come home from work and I'm tired.
You know, I'm tired.
I really.
From now on, okay, when I come home,
I'm gonna hold you with my hands.
I'm gonna wrap my hands around you and I'm gonna lift you.
Oh. I didn't realize you, I just thought we were friends.
Move. What's happening to you?
I'm sorry.
It is a scientific fact that working
out is practically impossible.
Earlier this month I heard my Spanx crying in the middle
of the night and I felt bad enough to finally work out.
It took me about a week to prep for it.
Uh, what are you doing?
Buying underwear to work out in.
Yeah. I'm too lazy to go in person
so I figured like amazon.com/mycalvins son.
Wait, hold on.
Why do you need Calvin Klein underwear to work out in?
Hello. Because I'm gonna be a fit person soon, okay?
And fit people always take pictures
with their Calvin Klein underwear band showing.
Don't you stalk sexy people on Instagram?
Wait. Hold on.
One second.
Just because you're trying to work out
that doesn't mean you're gonna become
some kind of Instagram model or something.
You know what?
I'm sick of you never believing in me, okay?
You know what?
Whatever. I can't.
I have bad friends in my Calvins.
Once I finally bought all the clothes and equipment
I needed and figured out like a cute hairstyle
and made all these workout charts,
ooh got one of those like fancy water bottles,
it was time to go beast mode.
(upbeat music)
Are you kidding me?
It's too easy.
Okay. I could do like 100 of these.
All day.
I'm tired. I'm bored.
(upbeat music)
Day one. Easy.
(upbeat music)
What are you doing?
Um, hello, pushups you noob.
You're doing them wrong.
You're supposed to do them on the ground not the wall.
Oh my god, how embarrassing.
(upbeat music)
Yeah. Should be losing weight any minute now.
Yo, for real though, those 14 minutes changed my life okay?
I was a whole new person.
(camera noise)
Hashtag gym life.
Yo. Get in here quick.
Yo. Ask me which way the beach is girl.
I have a GPS.
Nah, you just jealous of my gains.
You worked out once.
It doesn't happen that fast.
You know why you call these guns?
These right here?
Cause these are fire arms.
You literally look exactly the same.
Yo. New year, new me.
It's November.
I'm Blogilates.
You know and it's like working out once
really changed the way I made choices
and allow me to judge other people for theirs.
Uh, I can't believe you put that filth into your body.
-Um, you eat donuts like every day.
Okay, that was before I started working out.
Hello? Yeah, your body's a temple.
Just saying.
Yo it even changed the way I talk.
Yo do you even lift bro?
Um, lift for Lilly.
Yeah, that's me.
Yo. Can we go to In-N-Out still?
And it turns out that working out once
does in fact completely validate you.
Yo. You follow my fitness blog yet?
Your what?
My fitness blog.
My last post was about skipping leg day.
You only worked out one day.
Yeah. And it was leg day.
Okay. You know what?
Lilly look, just because you started working out once
doesn't make you some Instagram model or a fitness guru.
You know what?
I can't even stand people like you,
people who think they can get everything they want-
Yo. Did you see my new Calvin Klein campaign?
Yeah. I'm a Calvin Klein model now.
Check it out.
Underwear band.
Huh? Huh?
Since when?
Since I started working out, silly.
So you mean yesterday?
Yeah. Can't you tell?
This is totally a branded video.
Yeah. I cash checks in my Calvins.
(cheerful music)
Yep. I use filters in my Calvins.
Hold on, big news.
Guess what my next upload will start?
Are you ready?
(high pitched drum roll noise)
12 collabs of Christmas.
That's right, my very next upload
on Thursday, November 23 is gonna mark
the start of 12 collabs of Christmas.
What the F does that mean?
Let me tell you.
12 surprise collaborations leading up to Christmas.
So over the next few weeks when all the people
are like why are you doing so many collabs?
It's 12 collabs of Christmas.
12 collabs of Christmas.
I'm so excited for all the little
tricks I got up my sleeve.
I hope you enjoy.
Now go to the end card.
Yo. If you like this video give it a big thumbs up.
Shout out to Calvin Klein for
partnering with me on this video.
My last one is right over there.
Second vlog channel is there.
Subscribe because I make new videos
every Monday and Thursday and even more leading up to
Christmas for 12 collabs and I can not wait.
One love Superwoman.
That is a wrap.
And zoom.
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When You Work Out Once

12318 Folder Collection
Jade Weng published on January 14, 2018    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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