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you're right i'm really really
i'm christopher meloni before after
liverpool and I'm customer service 25
bucks it's like the biggest thing about
thought out of everyone
like when I I didn't realize and they
get loud take the clouds going to think
never apply for anything like this
before 45 years to actually build a
secluded to apply it almost application
for the filter out at an envelope little
area and I mean you have always wanted
to you know think what people have
discovered me and said that you know we
cannot go
it's really not the competency of this
country from from a client and me as I
just think I'm not really not enough
just doesn't know where I can see them
yet because you back to help i'll be all
over the Internet
I mean honor that close you can start
and then move in with us after we don't
really believe anything i don't know
interesting all the time I am empty eyes
means everything to me
never mind the extra
joy I don't contact here is you think
it's finding support sure we know how
are you not in on 76
hey are you ready Tyson a blowjob of
experiments there
yeah what it means to get through today
you shouldn't mean the world to me i
mean for some time thinking and it was
placed the guns are suitable and I'm not
meant alot to me with a celebration of
his life and this means a lot to me so
that way you know I feel like everyone
sings today's audience and take it away
he loved that sound not hand be tom
they love is raised that me your soul
you haha
they love the flower
is all
remember Bobby Z that we we
hi how are you saying a fantastic she's
gonna distract Chris the holidays pixel
before how the hell did you get that
voice is until now and never put himself
out like this before the physical as if
the managers sorted he cannot believe
how can you not hear yourself when you
do people have said that you know
don't come any question about yourself
going to show yourself is about the
boosters are you still the show today
you nobody else is going to get that
you have a vote
this is a yeah
very so happy for you yes for me
christopher meloni a million percent yes
masters yet
was so nervous I thought this is only
going to go one way and I couldn't
believe it or not most no lackin create
opportunity i'm on the exhalation
reaction I just didn't expect anything
like that or anything I'm side with
people overcome those that it's okay
thank you were welcome mrs. Malone a
free food can come on
visions of you can't even really good
how you can you watch more clips like
this and press that button below
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Christopher Maloney's audition - Bette Midler's The Rose - The X Factor UK 2012

933 Folder Collection
Tina Tsai published on January 1, 2018
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