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  • [The 9 Types of Coffee Drinker]

  • Don't talk to me before I've had a sip of coffee. [The "Morning" Person]

  • The last person who talked to me before I had coffee...

  • (beep) Don't touch me before coffee.

  • Went missing.

  • Some people are scared of me, but, whatever.

  • A drink should be refreshing, it should be like "Ooh, cool refreshing drink!", not "Ow! my mouth's on fire!" [The Iced Coffee Loyalist]

  • When it's hot I can walk around with my iced coffee and no one will judge me, and when it's cold, people are like what are you doing.

  • I love it.

  • So I drink my coffee black. No, no sugar, no milk, no frill. [The Black Coffee Drinker]

  • I just go to work. Just very plain.

  • Zero games on my phone. You know what I do? I read news.

  • That's it.

  • I know everything about coffee.

  • I am like the coffee connoisseur, sommelier, so. Coffee's not easy, it's not simple! [The Coffee Snob]

  • I've been studying the art of coffee for... 17 years now.

  • So we require all of our suppliers to pick the beans by feet.

  • It just tastes... you'll notice it once you develop the coffee palate.

  • Typically roasting just, in my experience, destroys the flavor of the bean, so we toast here, yeah.

  • Hi, may I please have an iced grande iced coffee, no classic, with a little bit of half and half? [The Coffee Addict]

  • I mean yeah, people say I'm a coffee addict, but I read the New York Times, they say it's fine, like no one's proven anything wrong with coffee, I don't think anything's wrong with coffee.

  • Hi again, iced grande iced coffee, no classic, with a little bit of skim milk.

  • For that, five sounds about normal a day. I mean this is... I'm up to three, so I think I could go up, you know, five is a good stopping point.

  • Barista, regular?

  • Yeah, I'll probably cut off around five.

  • I'm more of a slow, easygoing person, and I'm just not trying to be off the top all the time. [The Decaf Drinker]

  • I mean yeah, a lot of older people drink decaffeinated coffee, but I mean, I guess I'm kinda like an old soul myself.

  • I don't need help staying awake. Like, I enjoy resting.

  • I mean, isn't that normal?

  • I never miss a night's sleep. Not with this.

  • I love coffee, but I don't want to over-pollute my body. [The Health Nut]

  • Hi, I want an almond milk latte. How many calories is in that one?

  • For me it's really important that the milk is organic.

  • Almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk.

  • I'm in the process of trying to cleanse my body right now, so I don't want to pollute it with other unhealthy sugars.

  • Hi, can I have a large French vanilla coffee with lots of skim milk and three sugars?

  • So I like the idea of coffee, but I need to have a lot of milk in it, and a lot of sugar, because I don't love the taste of it.

  • Actually, can it just be more of like a milkshake? Just a little bit of coffee in it, like a drop?

  • It is not enough milk. Let's pour out half of that.

  • I loved coffee, but no more.

  • Because, I've been getting a lot of headaches and stuff. [That Guy Who's "Trying" to Quit]

  • I'm trying to quit coffee. It's been surprisingly hard.

  • If I was drinking coffee still, which I'm not, tea.

  • I really like light roasts actually becauseyou don't know this, and it's kinda counter-intuitivebut light roasts tend to have more caffeine in them, so you'd be getting more bang for your buck.

  • Me? No, I, I don't miss coffee.

  • If anything, coffee misses me.

  • What are you drinking?

  • Oh, um, it's tea.

  • You're drinking tea? What are you even doing here? It's a coffee shop.

  • Get out of here!

[The 9 Types of Coffee Drinker]

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The 9 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

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