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Uh-oh! Pedophilia! Pedophilia alert!
I'm already creeped out by the whole thing.
This is weird.
The music doesn't shock me nor does the video, not really.
She is great.
Pretty twisted, man.
My worst nightmare: getting lost in downtown LA at night alone.
duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh.
I think black-ops gone wild.
Well, I hear a beat.
Little bizarre.
Weird what they consider music.
The guy with the mustache is funny.
I kinda like it.
That's strange. That's just really strange music.
Now it's going softer.
"Oh my god!" is right.
Is this what young people listen to?
It's so violent.
I'm thinking it's probably a lot better if you're really stoned.
It's the old formula: verse, chorus, verse, chorus. It's the same format.
It's like a monster or something.
Obviously, I'm not going to download this to my MP3 player because I don't have one.
Not exactly Sinatra, or Dean Martin, or Sammy Davis.
That was cool. That was good. I like seeing new stuff so that was really neat.
What is that? Is it called something?
[Fine Bros.] "What did you just listen to?"
A bunch of crap.
I'm not sure.
It's really beyond my comprehension.
I can't say it's music as I think of music.
Something that someone a lot younger than me calls "music."
It's techno/dance music with someone screaming every once in a while.
I've never heard songs like that before.
[Fine Bros.] "How did it make you feel?"
It made me feel like the future is now.
Well, I feel like I just landed on Mars.
Like my stomach was churning.
Overwhelms my little, old senses.
And I'm not sure what the "Oh my God!" thing was. I don't know if she was getting hurt,
or it was fun, or it was an orgasm, I'm not really sure.
[Fine Bros.] "What words would you use to describe the music?"
I would call it "electronic nonsense."
Very, very clever.
Definitely something your parents are not gonna say, "Golly, play me more."
[Fine Bros.] "Did the sounds remind you of anything?"
Heavy metal gone awry.
It was kinda like a jackass in a bottle.
Electric static.
Like screeching cars.
Like a monster or something singing.
[Fine Bros.] "Can you make some of these sounds?"
(Dubstep noises)
[Fine Bros.] "Did you like the music?"
Some of it I liked.
It made you pump, pump your heart faster faster. So probably young people
will like it more because old people could die maybe.
That's fine for the new generation, but you show it to somebody in my age group or older and
I can guarantee you they will turn it off in a heartbeat.
I would rather have my kid or grand-kid listening to this than Justin Bieber or Britney Spears.
[Fine Bros.] "What do you think this genre of music will be called?"
Moving noise.
Psycho 1.
[Fine Bros.] "Psycho 1?"
Or two or three or whatever.
[Fine Bros.] "It's called Dubstep."
Dubstep. I can see step, but what's dub?
I've heard of Dubstep.
Where they got that, beats me.
[Fine Bros.] "What types of people listen to this music?"
People looking for a new edge.
Really an off swing of the mainstream.
I don't exactly know what emo is, but emo might apply to this type of music.
The artistic group, the creative group, the kinda what they used to call "outcasts", loners.
The kids that wear earrings, and tattoos, and hair dyed different colors.
I can't identify with them, they scare me because I associate them with violent acts.
[Fine Bros.] "If I played the music, what type of dance moves do you think you would rock out to this?"
I'm gonna be a grumpy, old lady and go, "No."
My kids are going to kill me.
[Fine Bros.] "Dubstep, more recently, has become a very popular music genre. All over the world even.
[Fine Bros.] "Does that surprise you?"
I wouldn't think that it would be.
That amazes me.
No, not at all.
No, it's something new.
No, nothing surprises me anymore. I think kids will buy anything that's new or different
just to be the first one on the block to be able to say, "Gee, I heard that."
I think every generation has to do something so rebellious as to alienate their parents.
[Fine Bros.] "Do you know the artist who made the songs we played here?"
I have no idea who the artist is.
I haven't the foggiest.
[Fine Bros.] "Well, his name is Skrillex."
Why can't they have normal names?
Did his Mom or Dad make that up while they were high?
[Fine Bros.] "I'm gonna show you a picture here of Skrillex."
Nice haircut.
It's very cool. It fits him.
I'm gonna do everything my Mom said not to do and I'm gonna be successful at it.
At first, it looked like a girl. If I were younger, to be honest with you, I wouldn't date him.
[Fine Bros.] "Would you let your son or grand-kid have a Skrillex haircut?"
I say enjoy it while you have it then when it's gone trim it up a little bit.
Otherwise you look like an assh*le like Donald Trump.
I would say, "You know what? It's your life. If that's what you want to do, I'm all for it."
But deep down inside, I would like to....
Oh, absolutely. I'm from the 60's. I would be very disappointed if my kid didn't want to look like this, or my grand-kid.
[Fine Bros.] "Finally, now that you've heard dubstep music are you going to keep listening to the genre?"
I'm sorry, dubstep but no.
Yeah, I'd listen to that.
Absolutely, I'm going to seek it out.
I'm intrigued so I'd listen to more of it and find out more about it.
Absolutely! I'm gonna go out today and go, of course there's no more record shops, but
maybe Wal-Mart or some place and see if they have dubstep. Is it dubstep?
And go home and give it a whirl and see what happens.
This is just the next step. There will be more beyond it, that will be probably wilder and wackier.
And thus concludes another episode of "Elder's React."
Thank you so much for watching, everybody.
If you liked the video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up!
We'll be back very, very soon so make sure you subscribe.
I enjoyed dubstep so much. Thank you for recommending it for the show.
Hasta la vista, me amigos
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69 Folder Collection
Caurora published on December 31, 2017
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