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  • Hi. This week's challenge comes to us from Zac, who writes:

  • "Dear Mr. Wilson, I recently came across a small bit of electronic music history that

  • I found interesting. Apparently a group called The Winstons have a song that is one of the

  • most sampled in the history of modern music. The song is 'Amen Brother,' and midway through

  • the song there is a drum solo that has earned the song it's reputation. In this solo the

  • drummer introduces a 'break' in the natural rythm [sic] of the song, which has caused

  • this drum solo to earn it's own title: The Amen Break.

  • My challenge to you: Compose a piece that incorporates a breakbeat."

  • Okay Zac, you're on.

  • Thanks man. Back to the couch.

  • The challenge made reference to the "Amen Break," and I'll just say that if you don't

  • know what that's all about then it's worth your time to take a look at the story behind

  • that. There's a link down below to a really interesting video on that topic, so take a

  • look.

  • The beat that I sampled for this track is played by drummer Kurt Zemlicka and it comes

  • from the beginning of a song called "The Chase Scene" from a Wisconsin-based indie rock band

  • called Batavia, used here by permission. That sounds like this.

  • Kurt recently released a new album called "Beautiful Noises," available at

  • under the name Smokestacks & Robots (Robots) Robots, along with longtime bandmate Ricky

  • Spenner. Again, there's more on that down in the description down below. Thanks to them

  • for the use of this drum sample.

  • Now I took that and tore it apart to get at the individual drum sounds that I needed to

  • patch together my own drum loop. I pulled out a kick, snare, and a few cymbals. These

  • then got filtered and retuned both higher and lower to give me some extra options. I

  • turned that into this loop, which when combined with the original, which again sounds like

  • this, now becomes this.

  • I'll leave you with a stem from my string section. Until next time, bye.

Hi. This week's challenge comes to us from Zac, who writes:

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