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Hi. This week's challenge comes to us from Zac, who writes:
"Dear Mr. Wilson, I recently came across a small bit of electronic music history that
I found interesting. Apparently a group called The Winstons have a song that is one of the
most sampled in the history of modern music. The song is 'Amen Brother,' and midway through
the song there is a drum solo that has earned the song it's reputation. In this solo the
drummer introduces a 'break' in the natural rythm [sic] of the song, which has caused
this drum solo to earn it's own title: The Amen Break.
My challenge to you: Compose a piece that incorporates a breakbeat."
Okay Zac, you're on.
Thanks man. Back to the couch.
The challenge made reference to the "Amen Break," and I'll just say that if you don't
know what that's all about then it's worth your time to take a look at the story behind
that. There's a link down below to a really interesting video on that topic, so take a
The beat that I sampled for this track is played by drummer Kurt Zemlicka and it comes
from the beginning of a song called "The Chase Scene" from a Wisconsin-based indie rock band
called Batavia, used here by permission. That sounds like this.
Kurt recently released a new album called "Beautiful Noises," available at Bandcamp.com
under the name Smokestacks & Robots (Robots) Robots, along with longtime bandmate Ricky
Spenner. Again, there's more on that down in the description down below. Thanks to them
for the use of this drum sample.
Now I took that and tore it apart to get at the individual drum sounds that I needed to
patch together my own drum loop. I pulled out a kick, snare, and a few cymbals. These
then got filtered and retuned both higher and lower to give me some extra options. I
turned that into this loop, which when combined with the original, which again sounds like
this, now becomes this.
I'll leave you with a stem from my string section. Until next time, bye.
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Episode 22 -- The Breakbeat

85 Folder Collection
Caurora published on December 30, 2017
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