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This is a pig.
You handed me a pig?
(upbeat music)
A producer here wants to make me smile.
Good (bleep) luck.
- Oh God, this is like that game I played
as a kid like I love you honey but I just can't smile.
I smiled once, I hated it.
I'm already smiling so I don't think
I'm going to be too good at this.
From here on out I'm about to press
play and I'm not going to smile.
And I'm not going to smile.
(light upbeat music)
This is adorable.
- I actually feel dirty that I wasn't
able to express those emotions.
Like if they have blue balls for your heart,
I've got blue balls of the heart.
Very cute, didn't smile.
Nailed it.
This better not be a clown.
Why did you bring children?
Hey man, how's it going?
What's your name?
Blake, and what's your name?
Also Blake?
Oh man you got me.
Remember, I'm not angry I'm just trying not to smile.
How many software engineers does
it take to install a light bulb?
- No zero because it's hardware.
You don't get that one, nope?
Which house is another house?
I don't know which house is another house?
My houses.
I don't know what's happening.
Has this happened with every person?
How's your day?
He just left me.
Thank you for the hug.
That was very nice of you.
Of course a kid is going to make me smile.
I didn't understand his jokes but
still wanted to laugh at his jokes.
Eric, I'm expecting more from you man.
(Producer) Clark I need you to close
your eyes and put your hands out.
I will never smile, I have never smiled.
Put your hands up a little bit.
What is that sound?
What is this?
Its little snout is tiny.
Can someone hold his face so I can look at his face?
Oh but he's pooping.
Where can I scratch?
Do you like a butt scratch?
God damn it, Eric.
Try to make me, (bleep) you (bleep)
it's (bleep) pooping on me.
Of course I'm going to smile. It's adorable.
Little baby pig that just shat all over my arm.
- When I scratched her butt her leg did this thing.
Cute little puppies and then adorable little kids
with hugs, even a little tea cup pig can't get me but,
once something (bleep) in front of me.
Just laugh, life is too short.
Come here, come here lady.
Has he pooped on everyone?
Just me?
Eric you got me to smile, you did it, you mad genius.
Nope nope that's not food, there you go.
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EXTREME Try Not To Laugh Challenge

5734 Folder Collection
Viola published on January 14, 2018    Viola translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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