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Peppa and George are having a sleepover at granny and grandpa pig's house
Grandpa where are you going?
It's bedtime
Don't worry Peppa
I'm just going into the garden to collect slugs and snails
Granpda doesn't like slugs and snails because they eat his vegetables
and the best time to find them is at night with this torch
Can George and me come too
Ok. Just this once.
Put your coats and boots on
Peppa and George are wearing their coats and boots over their pajamas
You carry the bucket Peppa and I'll hold the torch
Don't stay up too late Grandpa Pig
Ok Granny Pig
We'll put all the slugs and snails in the bucket
Ah!! One little snail
Two little snails
And as slug.... slugs I yucky
Here's grandpa pig chickens
Sarah, Jemima, Vanessa and Neville (I think these are your names)
Hello chickens!
I need to put the chickens to bed
night night chickens, night night chickens
night night
Why aren't the slugs and snails in bed grandpa?
Because they're up all night eating my vegetables
some animails eat in the daytime like my chickens
and some animals eat at night like... Ohh!! mr Fox
Holla grandpa pig, putting your chickens the bed are you?
Oh yes. Nice and cozy in the henhouse
Jolly good, well over ... more why
Good night, good night
Now as I was saying some animals eat at night
Oh! Hallo!
Grandpa! There's a little animal in your bucket
haha! Yes. It's a hedgehog
They like to eat slugs and snails
Hello hedgehog
Oh! He is rolled into a ball
Yes Peppa. He is very shy
Come on mr hedgehog, don't be scared
I like hedgehogs
They are very good at keeping slugs and snails off my lovely lettuce
Bye bye hedgehog
Bye bye
Are there anymore night animals grandpa
Yes, there are moths
They look like butterflys
Butterfly that come out at night
They like the torch light when it goes off they leave
when the light goes on they come back
Can I try
Ok. Bye bye moths, hello moths, bye bye moths
And if we leave the torch off We can see another very tiny night animals
Look up at the sky
Is it shouldn't star
No. That is a firefly
Is it on fire
No Peppa. It has a tummy that glows
Are there any big night animals in your garden grandpa?
What is that?
It's a big night animal
It's granny pig
We've been saying hello to all the night animals
Lovely, now it's time to say goodnight to them
goog night, night animals
And it's well past bedtime for you little piggies
Yes granny pig
Good night little ones
Good night granny, good night grandpa
Night, night
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Peppa pig - Night Animals with subtitles

1570 Folder Collection
chilunhu published on December 27, 2017
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