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(energetic dance music)
♫ Push roller coaster
(energetic dance music)
- [Daniel] Alright we found Nike, slide.
Lincoln's goin' for it.
Whoa, you're zoomin'.
Nice job.
Alright, so where are we Lincoln?
- We're at Nike Headquarters.
- This is actually a parking garage and then just randomly
they have this cover and they have a slide.
Okay, he's determined to go faster.
Get a head start this time, bud.
- Hurts so bad.
- [Daniel] Your throat hurts from the slide?
- Yeah.
- We didn't sign the liability waver.
So this is the other side of where that slide is.
This is the parking garage for Nike Employees.
Growing up we didn't have very much money
and I always wanted a pair of Nike Air shoes.
The Jordan's came out.
I was born in 1980, so like when I was seven years old,
Air Max came out and then the Jordan's started coming out
not too long after that.
I would see kids at school that always had them,
and I always wanted them.
But I never had any until I was 17 years old and
it was the Air Max 97's,
that was the first ever Nike Air Shoe I ever had.
Tiger Woods and Phil Knight came out here
and they would have battles.
See that building over there, that says equality?
Phil Knight challenged Tiger,
"Hey, break a window on that building."
He hit it three times and he couldn't break a window,
but he did hit it.
And then this little tiny green over there.
There's that green that he landed it on.
Just to give you a perspective,
that's where they were hitting from.
Way down there on the other side of the field,
he hit his driver, all the way onto here.
Man I miss the old Tiger Woods, that guy could kill it.
(upbeat electronic dance music)
- That, right there, is made out of recycled shoes.
- [Daniel] Whoa, that whole thing?
- Yeah, and like all the outdoor basketball courts.
- [Daniel] That's cool, that's cool.
- Recycled shoes, that's amazing.
- [Daniel] We should recycle our stuff,
and cut it, cut it open.
- No.
- [Daniel] But we could make a basketball court.
- Yeah!
(chill electro music)
- Okay, we just finished the tour of part of the campus,
this is like only one campus, there's so many things
to Nike here; what you think, Linc?
Your impression of Nike? - Amazing.
Amazing, I loved the basketball court.
- The basketball court's your
favorite, out of all that?
We are about to meet with Tinker Hatfield,
the man, the myth, the legend.
This is incredible, so Lincoln and the kids
get the front row.
(chill electronic music)
- We're walking on the foundation
of our entire being; the way we connect to the Earth
is by our shoes or by our bare feet;
start with the bottom of the shoe, so just going to
sort of quickly move through and
if you think about trying to design a shoe,
you know, you need to have a layer
underneath there that's soft.
(chill electro music)
Shoe done in under, I don't know how many.
Another question?
- So we watched your Netflix series--
- [Tinker] You saw it?
- Yeah, and we saw that you did,
you went, you got your inspiration from the
Pompidou Museum, so we decided to go to Paris,
and actually see--
- [Tinker] No kidding!
- The, the museum. - Woah, that's pretty
impressive; did you ride the escalator up,
the glass escalator up?
- We didn't go up it, we saw from the outside
and it was really cool, so you saw that
and you decided to change it into a shoe,
so what other things should we like
look for to make the shoe meaningful and like.
- Oh well I think that's a great question
first of all because it's not that,
it's not always that easy to sort of find a story
that helps you design a product;
but I would, I think that you should be,
you should like, maybe an easy way to sort of describe
how you might go about doing it would be
what do you like, what's your favorite thing?
- I like playing sports.
- [Tinker] What's your favorite sport?
- Basketball. - Basketball; so.
What's your favorite team, you have a favorite team?
- I like Golden State and--
- Okay, so if you go down that sort of, like,
a list of things that are important to you,
you can end up at some point and go,
"You know what, I could be inspired
by Golden State or the Golden Gate Bridge.
So maybe my shoe is going to be the color
of the Golden Gate Bridge, and maybe it'll have
lines on it that kind of, look like all the cables
that hold up the bridge part that people drive on."
You know what I mean, like, you always look
for something that is interesting to yourself,
because it might be, it'll probably be interesting
to other people as well.
But anyway I think that's just a great way
to kind of get rolling, and you may even change
your mind halfway through the design, go,
"You know what, I don't like that Golden Gate Bridge
thing, maybe there's something else about."
(chill electro music)
- Uh, we have a race we're about to do, you may want to--
- Did I, did I just hear a race?
- [Coach] Yeah, we have a race.
- Wait a minute, alright, you know what,
let me cut this run short, let me get in on this race.
(chill electronic music)
- For the rest of your lives, you can say,
Matt Centrowitz, Olympic gold medalist,
whatever, I mean--
- Don't put this up on the internet, please.
(overlapping talking)
- Don't worry it is right now.
- Oh great. - He doesn't lose often,
but he lost today, so that was good,
thank you Centro.
(cheering, applause)
I am not allowed to lie to any of you,
our job as a coach is very very simple;
it's that when you show up for practice,
you leave a better version of yourself.
The cool thing about what all of you are doing
is you're adding positivity in people's lives
every single day; that is a very, very important
job, that's a really hard thing to do.
Because everybody needs some of it in their lives
and you guys do it, so one, thank you very much
for doing what you do, because there are people
around the world who for whatever reason,
they get to watch you and they get to smile,
and sometimes that's the only smile they have all day.
(chill electronic music)
- [Daniel] So this is it, this is the suite.
- Yep, suite 41, get that.
- 41, if you need us, that's where we'll be.
That's where we were, this is where we are.
It's a lot higher, but it's cozy, there's food,
it's a suite and Nike, thanks to Nike for this
awesome suite. - Yes.
(upbeat electronic music)
- Overtime, yes!
I called it, overtime baby!
Home team wins, I called overtime but it was like
near the end of the first quarter.
- He called it, he called it.
- You heard it, he heard it, so at least there's that.
That was fun, that was a fun game, I didn't expect
Sixers and Blazers to be that good, but it was good.
What's that, why is there--
- Welcome to Portland.
- [Daniel] What is this?
- You can design your own shoes,
find what's inside things, show you what's inside
the Air Max Zeros, see some stuff that you might know about.
- So that's right, tomorrow Lincoln's going to design
his own shoe; by the time this video comes out,
you guys already have seen his shoe,
we haven't seen it yet, so that's cool,
Lincoln, right, it's already been designed,
according to these people.
We have no idea, what master brilliant shoe idea
is in Lincoln's mind right now.
But as of this time I guess the voting is open,
so you guys can vote, click on the link in the
description and you can go vote for Lincoln's shoe.
- Yes, please, please vote for me,
like I really want my shoe to be in stores,
don't you want to buy the shoe that I designed?
- That would be cool, and it's only possible
if he gets enough votes, and there's some tough
competition, these other influencers
are our friends, and they're awesome,
and I hope any of them win, but if you want
to give Lincoln a vote, that would be cool.
- Please. - So get ready for tomorrow,
and you'll see the making of the Lincoln
Nike Air Max, it's coming to you fresh tomorrow.
- Please do it. - There's some other
cool things that are happening tomorrow,
so I hope you like this video, I hope it was super
long because it was a long day and it was
a lot of fun, so see you.
(upbeat electro music)
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What's inside Nike Headquarters?

290 Folder Collection
蔡昀良 published on December 26, 2017
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