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Hey Everyone. This is Jason Schroeder, the Game director for South Park: The Fractured but Whole.
And with me today is…
Hi! I'm Kimberly Weigend, the Associate producer on South Park: The Fractured but Whole
Alright, so it's our first night here as a superhero in South Park
and we are the sidekick of this guy right here. This is Captain Diabetes.
Captain Diabetes!
That's right, his name is also Scott Malkinson and he is a kid with … Diabetes
Alright, so we've just broken into this window
and we're going to be looking for… …We made it
Our Girl must be this way …some sort of girl, just like Scott says
Oooh boy, and what are you, a leprechaun?
So the "girl" he is refering to is someone who knows something about the missing cats in town.
What… what are you gonna do with that?
Our mission tonight is to get information because we want the reward for finding these missing cats
Yes, it is a very fun kids-playing-superheroes-type of thing that the kids are doing in South Park.
Oh man, that's what the stals are for!
This guy is great! I have to mention that pretty much every character
in our game has been hand-animated so everything you see here
painstakingly was animated by a real person. All the regular units.
So this guy is actually one of my facourites. He is fun… and he's kind of wasted
Oh, now it's gone everywhere
Thanks for all of that work.
Alright, let's head out the main Hippo floor and see if we can find our girl.
Okay, we made it inside the strip club.
Wow. These ladies are really uh… Moving!
Don't freak out, Sidekick. We are superheroes! We can handle this.
One of these ladies has information about the missing cats… But who?
There is only one thing we can do. We have to pick someone and take him to the VIP Room.
Find someone and meet me there.
Alright, the New Kid is totally unfazed
Alright, so as Scott says, we need someone to take us to the VIP
and our mission just told us to talk to some strippers so I'm gonna talk to this young lady.
Daycare is behind the bar, sweetie.
and she immediately insults me and tells me daycare is behind the bar. I feel like I'm not being taken seriously
What does this guy say?
Can't talk right now guys I'm too busy droppn' these jaaams
This guy is great, so he is the Peppermint Hippo DJ.
And we at the Studio love him. Like we parody him all the time. He definitely is a dev favourite.
And he's busy droppin' his jaaaams. What do you say?
Hey, aren't you a little too young to be in here?
I am a serious crime-fighter lady
Come back when you're twenty-one and I'll let you such on my implants
She's taking me more seriously
So we've talked to all three strippers now
Right. Oh there is Ned and Jimbo
Oh yeah now you're cooking
Well he's encouraging
Again, paintsakingly hand animated every character in this game!
Fantasyic! Alright, Scott's ready to go VIP, let's see if he's had any more luck
Hey Sidekick, no luck huh? That's okay, I found a couple of guys. Remember to just to play along!
Hey you two girls ready to party?
Soooo, this is your friend huh? She's fucking hot as fuck.
That's right! Woudn't you like to take her to VIP?
I think these guys are a little too drunk.
I dunno, she's kind of short…
They clearly think we are grown-up women I like'em short. You take the one with the speech impediment
Come on, let's get some dances
I was thinking we could just go in there and talk for a little while
Yeah, first we get dances THEN we talk
Oh. Okay.
Oh no.
So, have you gentlemen ever had dances from a girl with a penis tattoo?
Hey, we didn't come back here to talk, baby.
Yeah, no talking until you finish grinding on our chubs
Oh Alright. Okay, Sidekick, you know what this means..
Ok, so what this means, Scott, is that you and I are ready to do anything for our superhero franchise.
And it also means these guys are confused and drunk and they think that we are grown women.
And because I'm Scott's sdekick I think I just need to kind of go along with this
So I'm gonna follow what it says to do on the screen here. And start moving in a clockwise direction.
Oh nice, so now I have some kind of new control, I wonder what that does.
Oh. It farts.
Of course. The New kid's power are all fart-based so he, of course, is letting it loose, farting on this poor guy.
Well, I mean, this is a good way to get information out of them. We're not here to entertain
I'm not gonna pay for this
We're here to get information on a stripper with a penis tattoo
Jesus babe you're stinking up the VIP Room
What kind of move was that?
We're changing it up
This is now a new timing right. You're moving the analog stick with one hand and then you're timing the farts with the other
Right, I'm moving one to one.
Sweet dance moves,
and then trying to tank some farts cause that's the beset way to torture someone.
Yeah, I don't think he's actually enjoying this very much at all.
I just lost my boner.
Aah I'm gonna throw up..
I don't think he's giving in yet
No, no. More farts are needed.
Gonna turn it up
Ready to talk?
What the fuck?
Almost, here we go!
This is it! My finishing move!
Oh no stop, let's just talk, let's just talk!
That's right, we're gonna talk
Wow. I feel like we've all learned something
Okay, chat time.
Chat time?! Aww man..
So, what kind of work do you guys do? And have you every danced with a girl who has a penis tattoo?
Why do you keep talking about a stripper with a penis tattoo?
Yeah yeah, Classi that's her name
Her name is Classi?
Alright, interrogation worked. Our guys are ready to talk
Yeah Classi with an "I" and a little dick that hangs off the "C" which fuck the "L" out of the A-S-S.
Of course! Hence the tattoo
We have the name, New Kid! Come on!
What are you talkin' about?! This is the worst VIP experience ever!
Yeah all I did was get farted on. You ain't going nowhere.
Ha ha! I am no ordinary stripper! I am Captain Diabetes!
My sidekick and I simply used our powers of disguise to extract information from you!
You won't get away with this, Captain Diabetes!
Okay, well we have the information we need, now it's Classi, just like in the recent seasons of South Park.
Now we're gonna go find our girl but first we have to fight our way past these guys.
And just like a lot of the adults in South Park, you know,
one moment we're doing very adult things and the next minute,
hey they're now ready to play kids game.
They just switch gears, and switch personas and say "You won't get away with this Captain Diabetes"
and now they're just gonna play by our combat rules.
So let's jump into the fight
Oh shit, my boner is wearing me down.
Yeah all I did was get farted on.
So in the bottom right corner of the screen,
This strip club doesn't even give out frequent boner cards
you''ll see our timeline, which means that it is the New Kid's turn first
And he is going to be followed by a couple of these enemies.
On the other side, you see my powers over here.
I've got Faraday Uncaged, a Venus Dirt Trap and a Snowball Flurry.
So I'm gonna start with an openning Venus Dirt Trap and see what that does.
Alright. An elemental dirt attack.
That's a great openning hit.
Oh man, clearly he is an angry, frustrated man.
Yeah, they do a lot of damage, they are wasted and they are just doing big hits all over the place.
So Scott is a little bit different from what the main character is carrying.
He's got: Coma Combo, sugar rush and insulin shot all his amazing diabetes-themed attacks
He is sort of a tank character. He does a lot of damage as you'll see here.
Let's try this
Alright, we broke that table.
Daaance. Anyone like a daaance?
Okay, she is also a favourite on the dev team.
One of the best strippers, we had a lot of fun animating her too.
Everybody give it up for Blaaaaze. Alright. So let's see what else we've got
I'm going tro try to keep taking off this guy with Faraday uncaged
Okay, that applies "shock" and knocks him back
I've got a Groupon that will get me and 4 friends 30% off? If we show up before seven
Hey, Leave my friends alone, XXX.
Cool. So what just happened there is that Shock damage that I applied
went off at the end of his turn and it was enough to knock him out
So now Scott and I are going to move in for the kill on this guy, we're gonna surround him
It's your turn Sidekick
This guy looks kind of nervous that his buddy was taken out of combat
That's right. I'm gonna try this new snowball Flurry, which is another elementalist attack
Wow, that's pretty
Oh, bitch, that's the last time I pay for a high-price twenty dollars stripper
Gosh.. These guy knows a lot about strippers
Ok, because he is chilled he actually had to skip his turn. And now Scott is going to move in.
We're gonna use his Comma Combo, and knock him into the New Kid, let's see
Alright, and the New kid gets one more counter attack
Let's send him back in the other direction
One more Faraday uncaged. Go Scott! Yeah, take him down!
I'd actually prefer to go home and jack off.
That was exciting. So, now we've got some XP from that fight which is taking us closer to a new hero rank
And down here we've also got some components
but let's talk about those in the next video where we'll be covering some exploration & crafting
Thanks for watching
And stay tuned for part II
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[ENG Sub] South Park: The Fractured But Whole - E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough - Ubisoft SEA

679 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on December 26, 2017
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