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I'm a very interesting and intelligent man
and this
is Tinkles
who, like me, is an excellent teacher of English
She is my cat. I bet you've never been taught by a cat before
We live together
in this house
isn't it
Not much room
for Tinkles and me
In fact, there isn't enough room
to swing
a cat
In English
if a room or space is very small
we can say there isn't enough room to swing a cat
there isn't enough room to swing a cat
unlike here
well there's plenty of room
Isn’t that right Tinkles?
I've got something to tell you
It’s a bit of a secret
my mobile
so you know my little secret already
Who let the cat out of the bag?
In English
if someone lets a secret be known,
especially by mistake
we can say they let the cat out of the bag
To let the cat out of the bag
You’re all invited
to Tinkle’s wedding
Little cuties aren’t they?
But, never forget
that underneath all that fluff
They’re vicious killers
so it's not a good idea to put Tinkles with this lot
In English
if there’s something which causes trouble or makes people very angry
we say it put a cat among the pigeons
To put the cat among the pigeons
like when I told my students I've spent the whole year preparing them for the
wrong exam haw... that put a cat among the pigeons
They hated me so much
Silly me
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Cat Idioms - BBC Learning English

2156 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on August 15, 2013
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