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(TurboPunch Logo Intro)
(Group in-unison) Happy birthday dear Mike! Happy birthday to you!
Haha! Now Mike, we all know you LOVE cake. So, we got you a real special one this year.
Haha! YEAAAH!!
(Horror Dramatic Sting)
(Shocked reaction)
Hey, I'm Suzi. What's your name?
Ooooh... Happy birthday... Mike.
(Super sexy dance party music)
Mike... What's wrong?
It's just... Not what I wanted...
(Screams in pain)
(Stomach gargling)
(Dramatic music)
Yaaay! Cake!
(Super rad non-copyright music)
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Tomska - Stripper Cake

287 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on December 25, 2017
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