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  • This technique is for ankle sprains, there are several types of ankle sprains

  • but we will look at one most common type of ankle sprain

  • which is called a lateral ankle sprain- actually stretching the ligaments on this side of the ankle.

  • This would be indicated by pain and swelling on this side.

  • There is also several techniques used to address this- well focus on one here.

  • I am going to pull one piece of tape- keeping the piece in an I-strip, and I tear off the anchor point,

  • and I am starting on the inside of the ankle, underneath the foot, and with full tension I am pulling up with full tension

  • through here right along the outside or lateral part of the ankle, and the last bit of tape- no tension on there.

  • I am going to create a little friction- the friction helps heat the adhesive slightly and gets it to stick.

  • The next piece I am going to tear the anchor, placing it with the tape hanging off of the heel.

  • I am now going to take this piece as I peel the paper off- adding about 50% tension around the heel,

  • I am now moving the tape- and it will flex right around the foot up underneath the arch,

  • and then the top piece of the tape here I am just laying down as an anchor point- no tension.

  • One more piece- this will be just a mirror image of the last piece we put on.

  • I am now anchoring to the inside of the ankle, again letting that piece hang off

  • putting about 50% tension wrapping around the heel and now coming underneath the foot-

  • allowing that tape to flex and bend around the contour of the foot as I come up underneath the arch,

  • taking tension off the tape and just laying that anchor down.

  • All of the pieces I will rub on there...

  • and she is good to go!

This technique is for ankle sprains, there are several types of ankle sprains

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