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our new year's resolution
my new year's resolution is...
this year my resolution
so my new year's relosution
this year
this year...
I'm gonna eat healthy
flaxseed? what the f...
five cheese burgers please
I'm gonna drink less
may I buy you a drink?
no, thank you
can I buy you a drink?
I'm going to get a pet
I'm gonna study more
let's do this
I'mma be more patient
oh look, a dime my lucky day
yup..but you know, I was reading the same..the um... "Automania Cars", right?
the one that drives himself
gosh...this little thing is..a littlie stinker
I'mma spend more time with my family
Hi mom!
when are you getting married?
Bye mom!
gosh... just got a little finger on there but...
almost got this guy... hold on, bear with me a second
we're going to learn how to bake
this is gonna be fun
how can this happen!!
you are the worst baker in the world!
I hate you!
I'mma learn Chinese
ni hao ma
ni hao ma
what the f... did you just say?
sorry I got this going here...
pick up the dime!
I'm gonna learn to paint
I'm gonna read more
Oh what the heck
(in the wizard hat)
no way
Wes, is it done yet?
I think so
great, I can't wait to see it
I love it oh my gosh, it's amazing
thank you so much, you're the best
[WTF FB Page] facebook.com/wtfYouTubeStars
five chicken burger...
alright, you know what... just...I'm gonna have to go ahead...
my dog... my dog is dead...
I said, uhh...
it's page fifty-three, right there
say it with me
-ni -ni
-hao -hao
-ma -ma
there you go
-thank you guys -no problem, man
I love albino Chinese people
me too
just leave the dime! man
I'm sorry... I am sorry
leave it for what? another stranger to come by and get it?
take your time
this is my gold
I'm trying, I don't have any nails
you want to help me out?
your homework, patient
this is worth eight minutes on the (meter?)
Oh! what the hell, Harry!
Oh hell no!
Oh hell no!
you are the next van Gogh
thank you so much, let's do another one!
-yeah? -yeah!
-I'd love that! -let's do it!
[Subtitled by WTF] facebook.com/wtfYouTubeStars
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Wong Fu Productions: Two weeks later: Resolution Fails

44059 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on December 31, 2014
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