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  • - [Narrator] In the whacky world of infomercials

  • there is one man that is the most famous face

  • in the industry.

  • - It's OxiClean.

  • It gets the tough stains out.

  • Kaboom!

  • This is the Turbo Scrub.

  • The rechargeable Cordless Power Scrubber.

  • Then of course, there's the incredible Sticky Buddy.

  • It's slippy when it's wet, and it's sticky when it's dry.

  • Hi, Anthony Sullivan here, for the Sticky Buddy.

  • I am a pitchman by trade.

  • Look at that.

  • It cuts right through this soft skin tomato.

  • I'm so excited, I'm getting out of breath.

  • A pitchman just excels at being able

  • to sell certain products.

  • Where is the OxiClean shirt?

  • This is the magic shirt.

  • It's like putting on Superman's cape.

  • OxiClean gets the tough stains out.

  • Is there anything in my teeth?

  • - Looks good.

  • - I started off selling when I was 22 at a street market

  • in England, and one day, I turned on the television

  • and I saw my first infomercial, and a lightbulb went off

  • in my head. And I thought, "I need to get in front of

  • "the TV camera and get off the street."

  • - [Camera Man] And put it down.

  • - You missed a spot.

  • Some of the products that we've sold over the years are

  • the Swivel Sweeper, the Turbo Scrub, the Sticky Buddy,

  • OxiClean, Orange Glo, this Hurricane Spin Mop, Clever Cam.

  • The list is endless.

  • It has quad brush technology.

  • Forwards, backwards, or side to side, and the worst part is

  • we didn't charge the batteries.

  • I think one of the most common questions I ever get asked

  • is does it really work as good as it works?

  • Which I think is one of the reasons why people

  • are attracted to "As Seen on TV", 'cause you're like,

  • "You gotta see this product. Do you see what it does?

  • It does everything".

  • Clean the toilet, or clean your car.

  • It'll clean your washing machine.

  • It'll clean your floors.

  • It'll clean this, clean that.

  • I love it when I can do a "Wow demo" that people sit at home

  • and go, "Oh my God.

  • "Look at that. Really works".

  • It's the power of air.

  • It's been a struggle.

  • I haven't had the wind behind me the whole way.

  • But, um, it's been an amazing journey

  • and I continue to really, really enjoy what I do.

  • I'm never doing that again.

- [Narrator] In the whacky world of infomercials

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The King of Infomercials Can Sell You ANYTHING

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