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I’m Darren Marlar and this is your Daily
Dose of Weird News!

At South Carolina's Brookland-Cayce High School,
substitute teacher Judith Richards-Gartee

appeared to be violently ill.
She was found throwing up in her classroom
and hardly able to stand.

Then police noticed something unusual in her

A big old box of wine which students reported
she had been drinking in class.

Judith was removed from the classroom via
a wheelchair, and charged with disorderly

Students reported that she was consuming it
in class.

***It’s the first time in written history
that it was the teacher, not the students,

who was doing the WINE-ing.
There's a new study that claims we actually
remember things better when we drink alcohol.

Someone might want to tell that to Judith
– I don’t think she got the memo.

The University of Minnesota has dropped the
King and Queen names from their Homecoming

Now the two chosen will just known as "Royals."
***How does anyone have the time to get a
good education in college nowadays when they’re

so busy turning everything upside down to
cater to political correctness?

It’s a constant thing - you’d never have
time left for studying.

The entire town of Tiller, Oregon, is up for

Yours, for just $3.85 million.
***Oh sure, NOW they tell me – after I’ve
already spent the money to put a birdbath

in my backyard!
A man has been arrested for harassing Christians
online and has been banned from any church

for five years.
Robert Skynner, 55, hosts a YouTube channel
called Christian Comedy Channel which consists

of videos mocking Christians and Christianity.
***The irony of this, is that it’s people
exactly like Robert Skynner, who Jesus died

The founder and former member of a satanic
church in Texas has converted to Christianity.

Jacob McKelvy, formerly known as Jacob No,
was instrumental in bringing together a group

of "Luciferians" to form a Luciferian church.
On February 5, 2017, Mckelvy and his wife
renounced their ties with the Luciferian church,

after becoming born-again Christians.
Some conservatives who work in the entertainment
industry say that their political leanings

have become a career liability.
According to the Los Angeles Times, conservatives
working in the local entertainment industry

are estimated to be in the few thousands.
Friends of Abe, the entertainment industry’s
largest conservative organization, has about

2,500 members—all of whose identities are
kept secret.

***Isn’t it great that the liberals who
always scream and demand tolerance, are the

ones intolerant to the point of not hiring
conservative actors on their film projects?

More men than women take teddy bears to bed
as a partner substitute when sleeping alone,

according to a survey.
While 15 percent of women resorted to cuddling
a teddy, as many as 20 percent of men admitted

to being big softies by opting for teddies.
Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 63 percent said
they needed a bedtime cuddle to sleep, with

many of them saying they resort to hugging
a pillow.

While we’re on the subject of gender…
men who open doors for women are as guilty

of sexism as those who are rude to them, according
to a study.

Psychologists found that a friendly or chivalrous
attitude can mask chauvinistic and patronizing

views because the men see females as weak
creatures in need of their protection.

They warned that this "benevolent sexism"
was harder to spot than the hostile version

borne out of an open antipathy.
Jin Goh, a psychologist from Northeastern
University, Boston, in the U.S., said: "While

many people are sensitive to sexist verbal
offences, they may not readily associate sexism

with warmth and friendliness.
Unless sexism is understood as having both
hostile and benevolent properties, the insidious

nature of benevolent sexism will continue
to be one of the driving forces behind gender

***Whoa, whoa whoa… hold the phone, Newt!
So if I open a door for a woman, I’m a male
chauvinist pig?

What if I don’t open the door – and wait
for her to open it?

Then I’m labeled an inconsiderate jerk.
Why can’t I open a door for someone... not
because I think they are weaker, but because

I’m being polite?
I open doors for men and women.
I’m sexist if I open the door for a woman...
so then am I gay if I open that door for a

Or am I saying, “you’re too weak to open
the door for yourself”..?

I’m also opening it for ME – so now suddenly
I’m a narcissist.

You’re over-thinking it feminists.
This has nothing to do with you being a weaker

In my case, it’s out of respect.
I was taught to treat women not like equals,
or lesser than men – but better than men.

You are the fairer of the sexes, deserving
of more love and honor.

It’s not a DIS on you if I open the door
when you approach.

It’s me saying, “My esteem for you is
so high that I am allowing you to go before

me, my opinion is higher of you than of me.”
Unless you’re a liberal feminist that believes
all the crap in this story... at which point

I might just let the door hit you in the face,
because you’re no lady.

Sorry… rant over.
Where were we?
In Louisiana an unidentified man broke into
a house, went straight for the refrigerator

and started eating.
The man ate an apple, some cookies on the
couch, poured himself some orange juice, and

even heated up a cup of clam chowder.
He then fell asleep naked in the bedroom.
The homeowner’s son found the man and called

***Sometimes it is possible to get TOO comfortable
in your job.

Scientists say that they are trying to figure
out why humpback whales are now being seen

in large groups when previously, they were
thought to be somewhat solitary creatures.

***Some think it may have to do with better
communication among the humpbacks now that

more and more of them are on Facebook.
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For DailyDoseOfWeirdNews.com, I’m Darren

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I just found Im a male chauvinist pig!

103 Folder Collection
Caurora published on December 17, 2017
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