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Have you ever asked yourself which is the
best country to live in?

Well, when we want to know which country that
is, we usually tend to take a look at the

countries GDP.
But… however important and relevant this
indicator might be, it has certain… limitations.

See, this statistic is too wide and can hide
the influence of bubbles, the actions of dishonest

politicians, and more complex issues like
accounting for the online economy...

It is true, though, that wealth and comfort
are closely related to the GDP.

But it is not an exact correlation.
Let me explain: we could be analysing a country
with a per capita GDP higher than another,

but the latter could have a better welfare
despite having a lower GDP.

And there are other factors as well that are
not strictly economic but also affect the

social wellbeing of people, such as security
or freedom.

Alright, so now I know what some of you are

Don’t all these things result in a wealthier
country, with a higher GDP?

Well, yes, probably, but it usually takes
a while before any of this can be seen in

terms of numbers and statistics.
For instance, Kuwait's GDP per capita might
be higher than in Germany, however, when given

the choice, I’d probably prefer to live
in the latter...

It is also more likely that Germany will do
more complex and high-added value activities

like creating patents and innovative companies…
at least in the long run.

In other words: Kuwait might be richer but,
at the same time, Germany might be taking

better advantage of its wealth in order to
produce welfare, sustainable wealth, technology

and knowledge.
Seems a pretty sensible decision, right?
Well, that is why there are new indicators
to try to make a more accurate approximation

so we can work out the prosperity and comfort
of different nations.

One of them is the famous Legatum Prosperity

“National success is about far more than
just GDP.

It is about a healthy and happy life, a good
education for our children, a clean and protected

environment, family and communities we can
rely on, a safe place to live, opportunities

to start a business or get ahead, and the
freedom to be who we want to be.

This is true prosperity.
Legatum Institute”.
And, do you know what?
According to the latest rankings, the most
prosperous country on Earth is…

New Zealand!
To try to get a deeper knowledge of the prosperity
of a country, beyond the GDP, the Legatum

Prosperity Index considers tons of different
factors: economics, business, civil liberties,

government, education, environment…
Well, every aspect that accounts for quality
of life in a country.

So, in the latest ranking, the result was
clear: nowadays New Zealand, the land of kiwi,

is the most prosperous country on the planet.
And honestly, it wasn't a surprise at all.
New Zealand has taken first place six times
in the last ten years.

Not bad, right?
And now you might be wondering: Which are
the countries New Zealand is competing with

to win the crown of the best country on Earth?
Well, you won't be surprised...
At the top of the list we can find countries
like Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Canada

or Australia.
It’s tough competition!
I should mention that we are soon going to
explain on this channel show this country

achieved all of this after so much crisis.
So you know, if you want to know more, do
not forget to subscribe!

But, let’s move on…
If you think New Zealand is ranked number
one for just this indicator, you couldn’t

be more wrong...
If we consider the Doing Business ranking,
for instance (a ranking that classifies countries

according to how easy it is to set up a company
and do business) we can see that New Zealand

is also in the number one spot in the latest

“New Zealand Dethrones Singapore as Easiest
Place to Do Business”

If we use the Index of Economic Freedom from
the Heritage Foundation, we will see New Zealand

in third position, right after Singapore and
Hong Kong…

If we use the ranking of the Fraser Institute
(a ranking that considers both economic and

civil freedom) New Zealand is also in the
top 3, just behind Hong Kong and Switzerland.

And if this is not enough for you and you
want more specific information, I can also

tell you that New Zealand is the least corrupt
country on Earth according to Transparency

A position it shares with Denmark.
Yep, unlike other countries we happen to know
well... it is very uncommon for this country's

government to have their hands in the till...
Furthermore, this is also one of the safest
countries in the world, one of the most environmentally

friendly, and it also has the All Blacks,
the best national rugby team in the planet!

But let’s stop talking about rankings because
we could go on forever…

They do seem to make one thing clear, and
that is that on paper New Zealand sure does

look like one of the best places in the world
to live…

By the way, jere is a surprising fact about
Aotearoa (as it is said in Maori - which is

an official language there).
They are really proud of the Maori culture
and the integration of these polynesian people

the British found when they arrived on these

It is true, no matter where you go, the Maori
culture is present.

Okay, so moving on… on the 23rd of September
2017, elections took place in this country.

The first thing we need to remember is that
New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy.

That´s right: Elizabeth II is still the queen
of this country.

But it is just a symbolic position.
In New Zealand the government is elected by
the parliament and the term lasts three years.

Further, when New Zealanders go to vote, they
have to vote twice:

One of the votes goes to a single candidate
from one political party.

This will will complete a part of the parliament
- the other will go to an MP who will represent

their district.
So, as we said, on the 23rd of September New
Zealand held an election and it was a clear

victory for the National Party of Bill English.
Bill English already was, by the way, the
Prime Minister since the resignation of John

Key in December 2016...
We are also going to talk about this former
prime minister some day.

So, this new victory for the National Party
was historical in a way.

And it was for two reasons: first: because
never before had this party got so many votes

in an election.
And second: because if the new government
is confirmed, the National Party will have

been in power since 2008, the longest period
in office for a party in New Zealand for more

than 50 years
And truth be told, there are plenty of reasons

why Bill English won:
As we have seen, the country is in great shape.
In fact it is going through one of its best
moments in history.

The economy is growing well, employment is
higher than the OECD average, and unemployment

is scarce.
Plus they also have healthy public finances.
“During Mr English’s eight years as finance
minister unemployment fell, the budget returned

to a surplus and New Zealand enjoyed one of
the highest growth rates in the developed

The National Party’s intentions to continue

with the politics they have carried out since

More trade, a balanced budget, and also to
keep also the immigration rates higher than

This has been a very important aspect of their
political campaign.

I mean, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
“181,000 jobs have been created in the last
two years, and the average annual wage is

up $13,000 under National.
Someone working on the minimum wage has seen
their annual income go up $8,000 since 2008.”

Despite this all, the campaign hasn't been
as comfortable as some expected…

After all, even in the most prosperous country
there are challenges and unsolved issues.

When Jacinda Ardern was elected leader of
the Labour Party, the Party wasn’t exactly

going through it’s best moment.
In the elections of 2014, the Labour Party
barely got the 25% of the vote - about half

the votes of John Key’s National Party...
However, shortly after they chose a new leader
who was only 37 years old, and things started

to change…
The press called it “Jacindmania”.
Two things have been the keys of Jacinda´s
campaign: housing and immigration.

You see, one of the problems in New Zealand
is the price of houses, something that has

skyrocketed in the few last years.
Here, the price of housing has increased much
more than in Australia, Canada, or the United

“New Zealand tops world house price increase”
But why is the price of housing growing so

Well, for several reasons, but there are 3
main ones causes:

First: Economy and salaries are increasing
a lot in New Zealand.

Second: Immigration rates are higher than

This is one of the countries that receives
more immigrants every year (relative to their

population, of course).
And more immigrants means a greater demand
for housing.

And third: because many millionaires and investors,
especially from Asia, but also from other

parts of the world, want to buy houses here
to but their money in a safe place… and

also to enjoy the country!
One example of these people would be Jack
Ma, the CEO of Alibaba.

The National Party wanted to tackle this issue
by making construction easy and fast; The

Labour Party of Jacinda Ardern came up with
two suggestions: first, reducing the number

of immigrants by half, and second, prevent
foreign investors from buying houses in New

It was this speech on housing and immigration
that revived the support of the party, and

the polls seemed to indicate, at times, a
very close race...

But once the elections arrived, the kiwis,
they didn't hesitate...

Let´s be clear: New Zealand is a great country.
It has some obstacles to overcome: housing,
improving Maori integration, and working on

its technical education, but these in the
grand scheme are small problems.

We are going to discuss this all in a future
video, but for now, New Zealanders enjoy one

of the best living standards in the world.
Anyway, now it is your turn: Would you like
to spend some time in New Zealand?

Leave your answers in the comments below!
Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
for brand new videos every Monday and Thursday.

Also, don’t forget to check out our friends
at the Reconsider Media Podcast - they provided

the vocals in this episode that were not mine!
And as always, thanks for watching!
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Why Is New Zealand the Most Prosperous Country on Earth? - VisualPolitik EN

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852 published on December 16, 2017
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