B1 Intermediate US 2011 Folder Collection
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Hi, I'm Brielle!
Today, I'm at the Build-A-Bear store.
Let me tell you what kind of fish this is.
It's a Blue Tang.
Blue Tangs like to eat algae from the rocks and coral.
This doesn't sound so good to me.
This diet is not only for the fish.
It's for the health of the reefs.
It keeps the algae from overthrowing and suffocating the coral.
This is Nemo. Let me tell you 'bout Nemo.
He is a Clown Fish!
You remember how Clown Fish protect themselves
from poison tantacle?
They protect themselves with a layer of sticky stuff.
It's actually spit.
Brielle, are you excited?
Cool! This is a special box.
It has Dory's voice on it. - Hello there! Do you know me?
Hello there! - Hello there!
What else does she say?
-Hi, I'm Dory. -Hi, I'm Dory!
-You know I speak Whale. -You know I speak Whale.
I speak Whale, too.
Hello. My name's Brielle!
Are we ready to stuff her?
You're gonna help me by stepping on that paddle.
Here we go!
Which heart do you like?
I like both!
So we're gonna get those hearts ready before we put them inside.
Close your eyes and make a big special wish.
Give those hearts a big kiss.
Suzette, can I tell you what the heart does?
Of course you can.
Laughing gets your heart pumping which improves cardiovascular health.
We need a smell!
I think Dory wants to smell like strawberries and blueberries!
I think she does too.
Did you smell it?
I wonder if all fish smell like fruits.
What's next?
We're gonna name her over the computers.
What do you want to name your fish?
Speak Whale!
Speak Whale! That's a great name.
There you go. Now we have to take a picture.
Thank you, Ellen!
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Brielle Finds a New Friend

2011 Folder Collection
黃艾瑄 published on December 11, 2017    黃艾瑄 translated    Katharina Yang reviewed
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