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Hi! Today we're talking about scams
you might come across if you come to London

On the whole, London's pretty safe,
but just to be careful here are some scams to avoid.

Joining me today to talk
about scams are Joel and Lia from the

very cool channel, funnily titled
Joel and Lia
so if you're looking for cool YouTube
channels to follow definitely go and see
their videos because they're pretty cool

Yes we are cooler in real life
on a scale of 1 to 10
how cool would you say?
If 10 is cool, then 11
If 1 is cool, then 0
That's fair enough
You go into a coffee shop
You're sat down, you're with a

You're having a chat, your phones are out
someone comes in
and tries to
sell you either a post card or flowers

or they try to sell you something
you'll be saying "No no no I don't want it
I don't want it, go away"
but when they leave you notice your phone's missing
What you didn't realise is that they put
their paper, or the postcard, or the flowers

over your phone and they picked up when
they left

yeah maybe you don't even notice until like way after they've gone
and then you go to look for your phone and it's not next to you
it's not like an immediate thing you notice
I think the rule is that you shouldn't
put your phone on the table

if you don't want that to happen, you should just keep your phone in your pocket
I've stopped doing it
Also it's just a nicer dining experience
for whoever you're eating with your
phone's not out

Because then you're sort of like "my attentions fully, I'm here, I'm in
this room"

It's just good etiquette
it's just good etiquette
Being a good person
Be a good person
Just be nice, yeah!
Another popular scam which
involves a lot more sneakiness

Which one?
So this is how it works
You're sat in a coffee shop working on your laptop
The person next to you, they ask "Can you
watch my laptop, I'm going to the toilet?"

You're thinking "Wow they trust me, that's

When they're in the toilet, someone else
comes and takes their laptop

You run after that person and be heroic and try to stop it
you get the laptop back, that's fine
But while you're going to get that
laptop back

a third person swoops in and takes YOUR laptop
it's kind of genius but it's really awful
That is awful!
- The person from loo pretends to NOT be in on it
- But they're in on it as well!

And goes "Oh my god what!?"
They're like "thanks so much for saving mine! Sucks for you!"
They're relying on you not knowing the

but now you know!
Sometimes you'll see the shop on Oxford Street
There was one for years and it was like "Final days, closing soon!"
The perfumes and stuff?
The perfumes!
They look like branded perfumes, but they're not. They're shit!
All the tourists gather
round and they think

because of the location that they're buying sort of Dior! Burberry!
all bring all these big brand names
and they're just buying like stuff that
costs like one pound

If that
Yeah but for a lot of money and they made me think they've got a great deal
It's awful
Because you see other people in the crowd
and be like "Yeah I'll buy it! I'll pay £50!"
They're in on it!
Oh they pay fake performers!
yeah I knew some people
who worked, that was their job
to buy the thing
Go around the back of the shop
Give it back, give the money
back, that was their job!

Can we talk about the rickshaws in London?
oh yeah
This is my biggest pet peeve
Not only are they annoying to look at to listen to
They're so loud
The leopard-skin seats
With the neon wheels.
Blaring out "Despacito"
I was just about to say!
They've been playing "Despacito" for like
five months

Longer probably
Get over it, Rickshaws|!
Get over it!
It's Dua Lipa now!
Yeah it's all about Dua Lipa!
It's Camilla Cabello! So get with it!
Who's that?
Camilla Cabello
Who's Camilla?
What does she sing?
They're not regulated, this is something
you need to know

They're not regulated, so
Any price that they demand
Is what is.
Don't take a Rickshaw
And if you do, ask them how much is going to be an agree on that
because I think lots of them will say
If people ask, they'll say "No, no, just get in and I'll take you!"
They think it's not gonna be that much,
or that it'll be free

which it won't be
so just make sure you're double-checking
and don't get on until they have told you what price it is
There was a report of someone spending like £250
They'll take you from sort of here to the end of this room for £8
I hate them so much
Also it's not particular to London
I never understand
For example we've talked about M&M world in our video
it's not specific to London
Same with the rickshaws, it's nothing to do with London
So why would you, why would you do that?
If you're riding in a horse and carriage, maybe!
Which there aren't any in London
But that would be more like culturally like "Oh old London!"
But Rickshaws? Nothing
It's a scam. It is a scam
So there are some scams that you should be aware of whenever you visit London,
or if you have friends who are visiting London
Share this video with them, make sure they know what to avoid
and a special thanks to Joel and Lia!
If you want to see very cool
videos about British culture, the English language

All things British and cool
you should go check out their videos because they're just very cool people
In fact we've just done another video which is talking about my favourite topic!
"Things that annoy Londoners"
Which is a lot of things!
You will not see me smile once!
at the beginning!
He did not have a fun time on this video
Make sure you like, subscribe, share all the things
Follow me in the street
Whatever you wanna do
I'm not your boss, do what you want
Stroke my face!
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Scams to Avoid in London! - Featuring Joel & Lia

226 Folder Collection
michael published on December 11, 2017
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