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Welcome to Real English, with Real Teachers
We are here in Piccadilly Circus to ask the people of London which possession would they never lend to another person.
I would never lend my microphone
because it's dirty, disgusting,
because I beatbox into it all the time like
(starts beatboxing)
and if it happened to that,
if I used that, that would get dirty as well
so, yea I wouldn't lend that to anyone
Do you not clean your microphone?
I do I have to do that everyday but it's still filthy.
I'm here with Jim and we're asking Jim
what he would never lend to anyone
So, hi Jim.
What would you never lend to anyone?
I think my pillow. Yeah I wouldn't lend my pillow to someone
Why not?
You're sleeping on it all night
you don't want someone else's, you know...
All up in...all up in your face.
Yeah I think pillow.
Are you emotionally attached to your pillow?
Yeah, yeah okay
...his walking stick!
My phone
Okay, why?
Too many secrets.
No, just never give away your phone I think.
Mine's my knives cause I'm a chef
I don't know just carry random knives round with me
I'm not like that
but I have chef knives so I never let anyone use them.
That makes sense.
cause I don't want them to ruin them and they're expensive, so
I hate people using my knives. I get very...
He won't even let me use them.
I don't lend anyone
He wouldn't let me use them
I would never lend, as bizarre as it is, my Buzz Lightyear toy cos my Grandad gave me that before he passed away.
My uncle passed away as well but I've still got his old-school kind of bourbon Chelsea boots
so I wouldn't lend them to anyone
but apart from that I'm pretty comfortable with
anyone borrowing anything apart from probably them two bits.
What is one possession or one item of yours that you would never lend to another person?
that you would never lend to another person?
My makeup brushes, I don't like it.
I'm the same.
Well no, like they just use them in the wrong way
and then they make all the bristles go funny
Yeah, I feel you.
You would never lend your Kimchi?
The food, Kimchi?
You would never give that to someone else.
Okay, cool.
Your mascara. And why?
Because you can get sties and it's pretty gross.
Sty. What is a sty?
It's like a little bump that you get on your eye, like an eye infection.
It's not an eye infection.
Well, it's like when bacteria builds up and then you get this little thing..right..
Girls know all about it and for me it's eyeliner
because I just had a sty
which is why she is saying that
I just had a sty and so, don't share your eye products with other females.
Never share your eye products with other females.
Okay ladies?
You're watching Real English With Real Teachers
Yeah, thank you man.
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Proper British English on the Streets of London - B2 Listening

21949 Folder Collection
michael published on April 10, 2018    Alvin He translated    Evangeline reviewed
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