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  • Dear Ryan, can you do a table flip?

  • Table flip?

  • Is that like a thing now?

  • Is that like the next big meme trend thing?

  • Or do you mean like flip a table as in getting really angry over something

  • To the point where you have to like you know, flip a table.

  • You know like in movies when somebody is so mad and frustrated they're at their boiling point

  • They always for some reason, flip a table

  • I mean flipping a table is like the international symbol of anger and frustration

  • so if that's the kind of table if you want, I don't think I can because I

  • I don't get angry easily

  • Especially to the point of flipping a table

  • I don't think I've ever done that before now if you're talking about flipping a table like a trick shot

  • You know like water bottle flip trick shots, uhmm yeah, I could do it

  • But I don't want to.

  • Come on guys flipping things are so last year

  • Like I don't know if this bothers you guys as well

  • But one of my pet peeves are when people do like you know really old or overdone memes or trends over and over and over

  • Even though it's like dead

  • And like I know it shouldn't but it really annoys me and it really pisses me off when people do things

  • That have been done so many times already

  • Like I swear to God, if I see one more water bottle flip trick shot video, I'm— I'm just

  • Don't you Dare-ick

  • What?

  • Oh sorry, I thought you were going to do like a— the whole bottle flip trickshot thing

  • Just finishing my water

  • I was just saying how I like I really hate old overdone memes and

  • What are you doing?

  • It's uh.. a little heavier than I expected

  • Wait, so are we doing trick shots?

  • Hey can I get a sip of that?

  • Sure

  • Thanks

  • Oh, don't put your lips on

  • Aye watch this part right here.

  • Yeah I'm watching it


  • Oh look, look, look, look at this next part

  • (Will laughs)

  • I drink to forget

  • Alcoholism

  • all right, all right

  • Shaquille O'Neal's acting career

  • Hahaha! aye that's yours

  • yeahhh

  • poor people

  • uh, and last but not least, I drink to forget you must construct additional

  • pylons?

  • I guess I'll just go with this one.

  • Oh My God really?

  • I didn't even know what that was, I thought it was peel ons

  • You gave up poor people for that?!!!

  • aye guys, I'm gonna charge my phone, is that cool?

  • No no nonono not that one noooo

  • So seems that majority of you did not understand the material, but luckily for you

  • I'm grading on a curve. However unfortunately one student not only got a perfect score,

  • but did the extra credit as well. So your final grade will be on the next page

  • I freaking hate myself!!!!

  • Actually, I only got a B plus. It wasn't me.

  • What? then who was it?

  • I freaking hate old overdone memes


  • So leave your question in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video

  • oh dude.

  • have some left

Dear Ryan, can you do a table flip?

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Table Flip Trickshots! (Dear Ryan)

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    Amy.Lin posted on 2017/12/08
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