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There's holes in my mouth where my teeth used to be.
What up everyone, it's your girl, Superwoman!
And I survived from my wisdom tooth distraction, woo-woo.
Thank you for all your kind and supportive messages, now I'm back to making videos.
And today's video is one of the most requested videos I have ever gotten:
my parents reacting to Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer.
Mommy, Daddy, ready?
Let's do it.
Welcome to video!
Today Lilly making us watch Fifty Shade Grey promotional video trailer.
Fifty Shades Grey is a... my prediction this is going to be a beautiful film.
I have not seen this one, but I'm thinking this maybe a painting movie?
About family of elephants.
Maybe some artist, make a picture, gray, and she say, "Oh! Fifty shade of gray!" And they fall in love.
It's going to be like a family of elephants, get together, fifty of them.
Different, different shade.
Whoa! Big screen! Big screen in my eye.
Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey!
Newspaper interview, okay? Maybe there murder.
She dress so nice. Gray, see, I knew it.
Okay, she tries to be doctor. She tries to be doctor. See, Lilly?
They're so nice in gray. Lilly, why can't you dress nice. Look how pretty she look.
She's trying to—oh, maybe she's... maybe she wants to be a lawyer! Oh my god! I wish she my daughter!
Slim and friendly
This is probably the boss. Please give me a job, hello, please.
Oh he doing the murder, you see?
See, I have something like this.
Oh, I understand, they trying to get married.
Okay, should I give you a job? I don't know, do you want the job? Are you good for the job?
Can you take care of the elephants properly? You know. Take a scaler.
Oh, you see, they asking question. You want kid? How many kid? You have interest? Lots of duties? See, this is how love happens.
"Look at me." she say, "Look at me."
I like her, she nice girl. She nice girl.
Of course he looking. He interviewing. Stupid.
She very nice. I can tell she nice girl.
Gonna kill her?
Oh, you see, now she model.
Okay, I think she got the job. She lawyer.
Oh! Oh! How this? Oh, did I press something?
You're not supposed to do this with the boss.
This is turning into something else now.
Okay, okay, you do like this, like, why you do like this?
Okay see now everybody running. Stop it! Stop! Bad thing!
There are a lot of things happening right now.
Okay, you see, she dreaming, everything dream. Okay, she dreaming.
Oh, she alone, he dead.
They getting married.
Oh, okay, I... I also...
Okay, maybe he donate clothes.
Okay, he Batman now.
Okay, but you're not supposed to do like this at work. This bad, this... against the law!
Okay, okay, go fly away. I don't, fly, ok, see, look, ok look, our dream, we are going to get married.
She lawyer, she working for you, you doing this bad thing.
Okay, this... you're not supposed to do like this in front of people.
Okay, see now you... you fired, that's it.
They're going to paint now, they're painting.
Okay, they painting not nice.
Oh my, oh oh...
I bloody knew Beyonce, every bloody thing with Beyonce, always like...
Any bloody thing with Beyonce, always about the kissing and shame shame.
Okay, hold, hold.
They're painting a shame shame?
Every bad things happen on Valentine's day. This is a bad day, this bad day.
I am very confused.
She get the job. She get fired. She become model, they running from birds.
Then suddenly, ha...
I think, huh, I think this movie about drugs.
Why she: "ha...". He tie like this and she do: "ha..."
This bloody fifty shades of confusion!
But I think I want to see this movie.
Hope you enjoyed that video, but wait I have a bunch of things to tell you before you go, take out your phone right now.
I'm waiting, wake out your phone, you ready, grab your phone, grab your phone.
Open Snapchat, okay? Open your Snapchat camera.
And point it towards this yellow square, right here.
And then tap the screen, that'll make you follow me on Snapchat.
Follow me on Snapchat, because I do a whole bunch of weird stuff that may make you laugh and smile and that's kinda cool. Do that!
Also! Big thing! Listen up, listen up!
It's come to my attention that I have so many extra TeamSuper and #Leh! shirts around my room,
so I'm going to give them away to you.
This is all you gotta do: I release a monthly newsletter, it is absolutely free, all it requires is your email address.
I am gonna put the link in the description right there, it says TeamSuper newsletter,
this is what you gotta do, go to my website, put your email address, enter.
And I'm going to pick like five or ten or however many people who enter their email address between right now and February 1st,
and I'm just going to pick people and send them signed shirts.
So if you want a signed shirt, all you gotta do is to put your email address in there, you'll get an email every month from me that I personally write,
and it just tells you like what's up, and these are discounts you can get, this is where I'm going to be, and this is the new stuff.
It doesn't cost anything, and just an update, it's a way for us to communicate.
So if you want a chance of winning a shirt and getting my newsletter, from right now this moment until I send the next one, which is February 1st. I'm gonna pick a bunch of people and send them shirts.
If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and comment below, because that's the only way that I'm going to know.
And you can check out my last video right there. If you are on your phone and your can't click the annotation, the link is in the description for my last video as well, so click there.
You can also see the whole vlog of me getting my wisdom teeth removed and being super high,
it's right there on my second daily vlog channel. And now I think that's pretty much it!
Make sure you subscribe. I make new videos every Monday and Thursday.
One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop!
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50 Shades of Grey Trailer | My Parents React (Ep. 8)

11075 Folder Collection
Tina Hsu published on December 7, 2017    Tina Hsu translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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