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  • When you seeFinal Fantasyin the title, you can expect certain things. Moogles, chocobos,

  • bombs, airships, a dude named Cid, the usual litany. What you don�t always expect is

  • beach-platform ass-sumo. As a minigame. I�ve been wrangling with my feelings on Final Fantasy

  • Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for some time now, and here�s what I think:

  • despite being in no way whatsoever an RPG - let�s get that out of the way first, this

  • is an action game full of quicktime events and waggle and other eldritch machinations

  • - this feels like a drastic change of pace, funny enough, right around the height of the

  • Japan is Oversentiment. And while this game�s execution is kinda flawed in places,

  • particularly where targeting and camera are concerned... I have to admit, I like this

  • world theyve crafted. Youve still got the boilerplate four-tribes Crystal Chronicles

  • concept, only now there�s trains and televisions and a delightful lack of annoying verbal tics

  • and Lilties are no longer the Tarutaru-esque midgets they once were.

  • TJ�s Lessons for not-quite-RPG Dumbasses, chapter whatever: When a cute girl offers

  • to buy you tea, even if she�s from outside of your species, and EVEN if you were very

  • recently terrorized by her pet ferret, you sit your ass down in that chair and drink

  • your goddamn TEA! Or stand there. This particular dumbass, the star of our story, is the Crystal

  • Bearer Layle, a kid endowed with incredible, arcane, powers of telekinesis, which means

  • of course he�s on the run from the law. After a chance encounter with one of the last

  • remaining Yukes - not youths, for a change - who appears to be up to no good, Layle finds

  • himself attempting to thwart a resurrection, using the power of throwing crap into other

  • crap. Seriously, that�s all he�s got. No oversized sword, no gunblade, just whatever�s

  • on hand: rocks, cacti, fungi, other enemies. Clear the area quickly enough and you can

  • earn another segment of your health bar, in case you didn�t think this felt Legend of

  • Zelda-ish enough.

  • Yeah. Doesn�t look like any Final Fantasy I�ve ever played, either. But then again,

  • perhaps I was just so disappointed in Ring of Fates that I needed anything else. Despite

  • some hang-ups with the point-and-waggle-intensive controls, though, Crystal Bearers felt...

  • liberating, I guess is the word. The gameplay can vary wildly between action platforming,

  • beating up monsters, tinkering together new equipment, and stealthing your way through

  • a train car on lockdown. Through it all, youre being hounded by - or stalking, one or the

  • other - a mischievous Selkie named Belle, who I swear I�ve heard somewhere before...

  • Anyway, it�s all the adventure of a Final Fantasy, just without the number-fixated gameplay

  • or stat micromanagement. So, wait, isn�t this what everyone was clamoring for? A non-RPG

  • that could live up to its notorious name?

  • Well, maybe folks wanted that stat micromanagement. Maybe folks wanted a main character who was

  • a bit more energetic than Trent Lane. Maybe folks wanted control that wasn�t dependent

  • on holding a cursor over a target (while bouncing around in a Chocobo-drawn carriage) or whose

  • combat was a little more elaborate thanThrow crap at crap.� It starts off as a cool idea,

  • but can quickly turn repetitive since, unlike most RPGs, you can�t really break your damage

  • output. Maybe folks were nervous, thinking Belle was gonna call themSempaiand

  • wouldn�t that be confusing. Maybe they wanted an actual Final Fantasy game, instead of this

  • well-meaning yet very, very different substance. Eh, more for me. I�m fine with action-adventure

  • with Moogles and crystals and Cid, especially with the intense focus on comedic timing that

  • Crystal Bearers provides. Isn�t that right, dude-whose-cart-just-got-absconded-with?

When you seeFinal Fantasyin the title, you can expect certain things. Moogles, chocobos,

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