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Hello and welcome to another episode of the really show. I'm your host Aaron Ross. Today's show, secret societies the Freemasons.
If you like this show
if you like this show
Have you ever heard of the Freemasons? Perhaps you had an old relative who was a member. Or heard a reference in an old historical program
Maybe you've driven by one of their lodges or recognize their logo
Who are the Freemasons?
What do they do?
Why are they here?
Let's start with a little history. Although no conclusive evidence has yet come to light as to the exact
origins of the Freemasons it is widely believed that the fraternal order had its beginnings in the stonemasons guilds of
the Middle Ages
detail record really started in 1717 when the first Masonic grand Lodge of England was formed
a grand Lodge is the governing body which oversees the individual lodges
a lodge of courses where Freemasons meet
After the formation of this first grand Lodge over the next three decades the fraternity spread quickly throughout
Europe and into the Americas
and today freemasons can be found throughout the world.
What goes at these places? Well most lodges meet once a month and have dinner for the Masons the Masons
families friends of Masons and perspective Masons.
For those who are interested and meet the requirements to become a Mason They are brought through the 3°of masonry. Entered Apprentice, Fellow
Craft and Master Mason
What are the require for becoming a Freemason?
You must believe in a supreme being.
It's open to men of all religions and beliefs
but you must not be an Atheist.
You must join of your own free will.
You must be a man, hence fraternity.
You must be freeborn.
You must be of legal age. Typically 18 or older
And you must come recommended by at least two freemasons from the lodge you are petitioning.
So what is their purpose and objectives
secretly running the world?
Probably not.
They seem to be far more benevolent.
The Freemason's believe in making good men better.
Their aim is to improve their members spiritual and moral condition.
They believe in the betterment of the community in the world
not by ruling it
but getting back to it.
This is done by philanthropic means. Donating time and resources to good causes.
Also giving back to their home or as Masons call it: their "Blue Lodge"
Masonic order on the whole is quite benevolent, but as with most organizations has had its share of scandal and difficulties.
Just do a Google search on Freemasons and can find everything from the morgan scandal to the anti- Masonic party to
Freemasonry illuminati and running the world.
Some of what you find will be true and some of it won't be. Being such a long-standing organization the Freemasons arn't just comprised of
average citizens. No they're a veritable treasure trove of the Who's Who of history.
Here's just a small sample of the notable
astronaut Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn
King George the sixth and Edward VII and VIII of England Prince Arthur's Queen Victoria and Frederick the great King
of Prussia
entertainers Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington Nat King Cole, Mel Blanc, and Ernest Borgnine
Authro Samuel Clemens
Mark Twain to most of you. Giants of industry John Jacob Astor once the wealthiest men in America. Walter P. Chrysler, Henry Ford,
the car guys
Founders of great organizations such as W.E.B Dubois, NAACP
Jean Henri Dunant founder of the Red Cross
Notable world leaders like Emilio Aguinaldo 1st President of the Philippines
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
and as you might well know many of America's founding fathers were Freemasons including a number of president the first
being George Washington the last being Gerald Ford.
So there you go, the Freemasons not the secret society after all.
If you have comments or questions feel free to leave them in the comments area. We'd love to hear from you.
And that's our show for today thanks again for watching
we'll see you next time.
It's open to men of all religions and beliefs but we don't want the Irish. What?
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Who are the Freemasons?

248 Folder Collection
Caurora published on December 3, 2017
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