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- What's up elite THENX athletes?
It's Chris Heria.
Welcome to another
video of official THENX.

Today we're gonna be continuing the series
How I Got So Strong.
And today we'll be covering
calisthenics versus weights.

Let's get into it.
(techno music)
Alright guys, so let's get started.
So today we're gonna be going over
weights versus calisthenics.
Continuing the how I got so strong series.
Now before we begin I
just want to tell you guys

joggers, our THENX joggers,
our new style, brand new style.

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Super dope, you guys gotta try them.
Alright, so let's get into this video.
So today we're talking about
calisthenics versus weights.

Well, let's begin by
defining both of them.

Calisthenics is when you are
training with your body weight.

You are using your body
weight to work out.

Weight training is using
an external resistance.

Using weight to work out.
When you're training with calisthenics,
its gonna focus more on body
control and body engagement.

Relative strength, how strong you are
relative to your body weight.
Now weights focuses more
on targeted muscles.

Specifically your maximum strength.
How much maximum overload
force you can produce.

Now when you're training calisthenics
you're really gonna be engaging
your fast twitch muscles,

body control, and your core engagement.
These are the main things
that you're gonna be
developing with calisthenics.

When you're training with weight
you're gonna be developing
your power specifically.

How much force you can possibly exert
on an external weight,
external resistance.

Now, let me give you a
hypothetical situation.

You see a lot of guys in the gym
and they can bench 400 pounds.
They can row 400 pounds.
Whatever, and do massive amount of weight.
They have crazy amount of power, right?
But then you tell them
to go do 20 pushups,

and they can't even do 20 pushups.
They can't even do 10
pull-ups to save their life.

Why? That's because weight training
does not translate into calisthenics.
It does not translate
into body weight control,

body weight training relative to strength.
However, someone training in calisthenics.
Training the right way
with the right programing.

Is actually gonna be
able to use the skills

and the strength they
applied into the weight room.

Because when you're training calisthenics
you're creating a body connection.
You are mainly engaging your core
whenever you are doing any exercise.
Involuntarily, whether you like it or not
you're strengthening your
core with every exercise.

And, you're gonna have a body controlled.
You're gonna have this body awareness
where you're gonna be able to
use your core to help with your lift.
Use your core to help with your press.
Use the leverage of
accessing other muscles

in your body to use your body as one unit
to apply strength and force
that is gonna have you produce the moves
that you want to do.
Which is obviously gonna
get you to the next level.

You're lifting heavier,
you're doing more repetition,

you're getting stronger.
Now, even though calisthenics translates
into the weight room.
And there are aspects that you
would gain from calisthenics.

Such as the body awareness,
the core engagement,

and the fast twitch activations
that are gonna help
you in the weight room.

It doesn't mean necessarily
that you're gonna go in there

and be lifting crazy amounts of weight.
Because to acquire that,
you must be lifting heavy.

And you cannot necessarily
do that in calisthenics

because you're using body weight training.
You can only train as much as you weigh
or as much weight as
you can put on your body

when it comes to calisthenics
or body weight training.

That's not gonna be nearly
as much as the weight

that you can put on a barbell
or the amount of weight

that you can hold in your
hand with a dumbbell.

That is why it is so much easier
to put on a lot more mass with weights.
And it's easier to create
more power with weights.

Cuz you're gonna be able to use
a lot more external
force to your advantage.

Now, there's not one training style
that's better than the other.
There's certain aspects
that you're gonna get

from one training style,
and certain aspects that you're gonna get
from the other one.
And specifically, excercises.
There's some exercises,
calisthenics exercises

that are gonna benefit you so greatly
that you can never do
with weight training.

And there are weight training exercises
that are gonna greatly benefit you
that you're never gonna be able
to reproduce through calisthenics.
And I'm gonna show you
that in this workout

that we're gonna do today.
So to sum it all up. What
you get from calisthenics

is relative strength, body control,
core engagement, and activation
of your fast twitch muscles.

Being able to reproduce
(snaps fingers) boom

power as fast as you can.
And weights will help you increase mass
more efficiently and easier.
As well as gain your maximum strength
and power by targeting specific muscles,
and giving it a maximum overload.
An amount of weight that you can never do
with calisthenics on
isolated muscle groups.

So now I'm gonna show you guys the workout
that's gonna bring best
of both worlds, alright.

If you're just doing one calisthenics
you're not gonna get the
benefit from weight training.

And if you're just doing weight training
you're not gonna the
benefit from calisthenics.

You gotta do both to become
the ultimate athlete.

In fact do as many things as you can.
Don't just do weights and calisthenics.
Do skateboarding, wake boarding.
Whatever it is that gets you active.
And that kicks you
outta your comfort zone.

Takes you outside of the box,
and has you activating your body
in new ways that you
have never done before.

It's normally the things that you never do
those are the things that you need to do.
So now we're gonna go for
this whole body workout.

We're gonna start off with
muscle-ups. After our muscle-ups,

We're gonna go straight
into clean and press.

From there we're gonna do
some around the worlds.

After that we're gonna go into deadlifts.
Then we're gonna go
into L-sit front lever.

Then we have squats.
And we're gonna finish of with
wall-walk, handstand, press.

So if you guys are ready,
I'm ready. Let's get started.

Alright, so we're gonna start
of with some muscle-ups.

Now this is the move right
here like I was saying before.

You can't replicate this
with weight training.

This is a specialized calisthenics move
that's gonna get you to the next level.
Have you engaging your whole entire body.
Giving you that body
connection, body engagement.

Here we go.
(upbeat techno music)
Alright, that's a nice little
warm-up. So, right there.

If you guys need help
doing your muscle ups

If you can't do a muscle up,
you can always use a resistance band.
We just made our
original, custom resistance bands.
So if you guys need them
to take your training to the next level
go head on to the THENX shop,
you can pick up yours today.

If they're not already on the shop,
they should be in there within
a couple days alright guys.

And if you guys still need
help on your muscle-up

You want the step-by-step approach.
The easiest way to do
it. And to master it.

Perfect form, just like I did.
Become a member of THENX.com
and have full access to
all our technique guides,

and all our workout programs
to get you to the next level.

Or you can watch the many videos
that we've already uploaded

on how to muscle-up on
this youtube channel.

Alright, lets move on .
We're gonna go on to clean and press.
This move is a great move
to combo with the muscle-up.

This is literally like doing the reverse,
the opposite of a muscle up.
Instead of coming down
and going all the way up.

You're starting from here
and going all the way up like that.
Alright, so lets go for
it. Clean and press.

You want to stand shoulder width apart,
you grab the bar right
outside of your knees.

Alright, here we go.
(upbeat techno music)
Whoo, alright let's move on.
We're gonna go around the world.
Now, to me personally,
I love training core.

And as I've said before,
having strong core engagement

is gonna increase your lifts,
increase all the other
aspects of your training.

So now we're gonna go for
some around the worlds.

Guys, make sure you're using clean form.
Don't be wiggling around, alright.
No momentum, just lift. Here we go.
(upbeat techno music)
To make it easier,
when you're coming up on one
side hold that hand tighter.

I'm gonna hold this side tighter.
(upbeat techno music)
Make sure your legs go straight there too.
Alright, make sure you're
breathing at all times.

Alright lets move it on to deadlifts.
Here we go, start shoulder width apart.
Straight down, get a
nice, good, strong grip.

Alright guys, let's go for it.
(upbeat techno music)
Whoo, alright.
Lets move it on.
We got L-sits with
the front lever.
This is a tough one guys.
Alright, if you guys can't do this move
just try to hold the L-sit,
try to do some leg raises.

If you want to know how to do front lever,
of course, sign up for THENX.com.
Get full access to all
our technique guides,

all our workout programs.
I don't know what you're waiting for.
If this is what you really want to do.
It's time to get to the next level.
(upbeat techno music)
Whoo, alright. Movin' on. We got squats.
Perfect example
of an exercise you cannot
necessarily get from calisthenics.

I don't care how many
pistol squats you do.

I don't care how many
jumping squats you do.

You will not be as strong as
the person squatting like this.

Its just simple.
You may have a better body
connection, better balance,

better core engagement by
doing these pistol squats

and those plyometric jump
squats and stuff like that,

but that power comes from this
external weight right here.

Alright, so do your squats. Here we go.
(techno music)
(exhales) Last one.
Whoo, alright.
Alright, last move we got
wall-walks to handstand pushups

Lets finish.
Alright guys, we're at the last exercise.
Wall-walks to handstand pushups.
Don't get lazy now put
in the work right here.

In fact, go as hard as you can now.
It's your last move do this
perfect and as hard as you can.

No excuses. That's gonna
get you to the next level.

You gotta keep that mentality.
Here we go.
(upbeat techno music)
Go all the way down
guys, all the way down.

Look at that. That's first round.
So, remember there's benefits
from doing calisthenics,

and benefits from doing weights,
that you can't necessarily get
from doing one or the other.

So, do both to get both benefits.
To be a complete athlete.
To take your training to the next level.
To take your body, and your
life to the next level.

And if you guys want
complete workout programs

to take your training to the next level,
become a beast, not just look strong,
but train, and actually be strong.
Become a member right now of THENX.com.
Gain full access to all
our workout programs.

All our technique guides.
Full access to all our music
here on this youtube channel.

And download our app to take our workouts
and programs with you everywhere.
It's like having us as a personal trainer
inside your pocket.
If you guys need a little extra
push during your workouts,

Of course, you wanna pick
up some THENX ignite.

It's our pre-workout,
that's gonna have you flying
through your workouts.

We have just restocked our whole shop
with the brand new joggers,
restocked our shirts.

We got new equipment on the way.
THENX rings, THENX resistance bands.
Guys, go to THENX.com/shop
to get your hands on all
our fresh, new, cool gear.

Guys, remember, we post every Sunday
at 8:00pm USA, Eastern Time.
The first person to
comment and like the video.

It has to be a real comment guys.
It can't just be one little
letter or something like that.

It's not gonna work anymore.
The first person to
comment and like the video

is always gonna win a
THENX prize, every Sunday.

Guys, one more thing. We
just hit 700k subscribers.

I mean I feel so honored,
and I thank you guys so much.

I really love you guys, and I appreciate
all the support and love you
guys have been sending our way.

And to show my appreciation for you guys,
I wanna put out so much more content,
but I'm gonna be doing on
my personal youtube channel.

So I can specifically answer
all the video requests

that you guys have been giving me.
So, when we hit one million subscribers
I'm gonna be uploading my first video
onto the person Chris Heria page.
Guys, go and subscribe
to that page right now.

If you want to be the first ones in
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I'm gonna be letting go of
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all my techniques on that
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And of course I'm gonna be doing
giveaways on that channel too.
Make sure you go ahead
and subscribe right now.

You can subscribe by going
onto the THENX youtube channel,

and clicking on the related
channels on the right side.

You'll see my personal Chris Heria page.
Thank you guys so much. And
I'll see you guys next Sunday.

Love you, peace.
(techno music)
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Calisthenics VS Weights (How I Got So Strong) | THENX

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饒騏樺 published on December 3, 2017
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