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  • - You are a huge name, probably the biggest name in comedy right now. - Thank you, man.

  • And you can have a private island to hang out on, but everybody has to start somewhere.

  • And when you started out, it was rough.

  • - It was tough going in the beginning. - For me, yeah. In the beginning.

  • heck yeah, it was tough. Uh...I know...

  • when talking about a comedian, man~ I used to do a...spots for food.

  • You know, doing a stand-up comedy.

  • So, when you go tough, you are talking about a guy who used to perform live shows in a bowling alley..

  • I remember one time, I was on the show.

  • Right? It is only fifteen people there.

  • But every time I want to go tell my punchline, somebody threw a strike.

  • - It's a live bowling alley. - They are bowling while you telling jokes?

  • They are bowling, listen.

  • I am in the middle People bowling down here, people bowlinig down here.

  • and I'm like "Men~listen~I don't know about you all". "Bang!".

  • "Men~listen~I don't know about you all." I never told one joke. I just kept starting over and over again.

  • Now, you have to live for a while,. You could...didn't even really have a place, did you?

  • No, no, no, no. I...uh...I don't like to say "not a place to live." Yes, you know, you are right.

  • I didn't. But my mom, my mom kind of... My mom was like a support system.

  • You know, uh...when I need an apartment. And I went and got one one my own.

  • I couldn't afford the rent because I was trying to do comedy.

  • So my mom... She is very religious.

  • She said, "Look, Kevin. I am gonna put you on my back. I got you for a year.

  • You can go out do what you wanna do. I'mma support you.

  • After that, you don't find a way to feed yourself, then you got to go back to school.

  • You got to do something productive." I said, "Mom.

  • OK.

  • Give me a year doing this comedy."

  • So, my mom was very over-religious. She was always always telling me to pray, read my Bible.

  • Um...I need rent money. It's come time for rent money.

  • I am like "Mom, you didn't give me rent this month."

  • She's like "Did you read the Bible?" I'm like "Mom, I don't have time to talk about the Bible stuff right now.

  • I need the money. This is for real.

  • They are gonna kick me out." She's like "Read your Bible, then talk to me." "Mom!

  • OK, goodbye. I hang up with my mom.

  • I ain't gonna do this. Another month go by, I am getting eviction notice. "Mom, stop playing.

  • like you don't give me this money, I am gonna be homeless." "Did you read your Bible?"

  • "Mom! I don't want to read the Bible right now.

  • I am not going to have a place to read it in a minute if you don't give me the money."

  • She was like, "Look, I'm not going to do this with you Kevin.

  • Read your Bible, talk to me." It gets closed to the third month.

  • I'm like, "Oh my God, they are really threatened to kick me out." I finally opened my Bible.

  • When I opened it up, my mom put all of the checks for the rest of the year in the Bible.

  • So I opened it, and all my rent checks fall out.

  • I am just sat there with the dumbest look at my face... call my mom...said "Mom, I see what you did.

  • You put it in the Bible." She said, "Did you read it?".

  • "No, but I got the checks."

- You are a huge name, probably the biggest name in comedy right now. - Thank you, man.

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A Bible Lesson From Kevin Hart's Mom

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