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  • I got fired today.

  • I'd jaywalk but I can't afford gettingticket.

  • (children's laughter)

  • Nooooooooooooooo

  • Change you stupid light. Augh!

  • A cat?

  • Or maybe a dog... Huh...

  • Guhhhhh! Guhhhh! GUHHHH!

  • I'm such a loser. Oof! My gutsss... my gutsss...

  • Coming!

  • Hey.

  • Hey, Deckard. I heard you lost your job.

  • Oh... uh, yeahToo bad I can't make a career out of getting fired, right? I'd be... like,

  • a CEO or a manager?

  • Which one's more impressive?

  • Which one's more impressivePresident?

  • Are you going to be OK?... Gahhhh! Ooooooo... Oh My God!

  • Blehhhh...

  • Oh my God! Wait!

  • I have stuff for your stuff... I got you some ice for your crotch! I'm shoving the crotch ice under the door!

  • Oh. You're awake. Wanna splitcassarole?

  • (dream music)

  • Oh, hello.

  • Well, well...

  • (PuppyCat speaking)

  • What...? Ah!... WAIT! Where are you guys going?

  • Why does this make me feel so sad? (shattering)



  • (phone alarm ringing) Mmmm? AAAAHHHH I'M LATE!

  • Okaaaay, You have no documentable skillsYou didn't manage to finish schooling past High

  • SchoolWork history spotty, at best. This is a temp agency not a charity. We...

  • Hello? Uh-huh, no. I didn't know that he had a peanut allergy. Okay, well you know, if

  • it's just a little bit of swelling then, then just get him away from the peanuts and, and it'll

  • be over in about a half hour. Otherwise, call an ambulance. Thank you, yep, bye.

  • You took too long. Now your candy's gone. That's what happens. BKOWWWWW!

  • (PuppyCat speaking) Ummm... no... thank you.

  • Hey, dude... I got you presennnntsss! The pet store I used to work at is going out of business.

  • Haha!

  • Lucky us. So... lemme see...

  • I got you a bone... and wrapped a toy mouse around it...  A blanket... Eggplant pillow...

  • dog food... cat food?... Shampoo... a leash... and rain boots!

  • Heh heh, yeah... Yeah...

  • (grumble) Crap! I ran out of food money!

  • Relax, man. I'm not gonna eat YOUR food.

  • (music)

  • Aaaaaaah . . . AAAaaahhh . . . AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

  • Stop. No hitting. There better not be anything scary cryptic written in here... I will scream SO. LOUD...

  • And then totally lose my marbles... Pretty stationary though.

  • Dear PuppyCat...

  • Is that you?

  • Please report to fishbowl space for temp. work. Sign below.

  • Oh, lemme get you a pen...

  • (jingle)

  • Uhhhh?

  • Hello? ...Hello? Anybody here?

  • I've been left behind...

  • I'm all alone... Am I not good enough?

  • (fart) (laughter)

  • Huh?! Ewww!

  • Hangover!

I got fired today.

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Bee and PuppyCat Part 1 on Cartoon Hangover

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    Ceivvy Woods posted on 2013/08/11
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