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(jingle bells and galloping)
(sigh) Why, why, why did I agree to this?
Because you and Ryan promised to stay friends.
Okay, isn't that just something people say
when they break up to sound mature and hard.
Okay, no one actually means it.
You are mature and hard.
(scoff) That's what she said.
Also, okay, yes, I want to be friends with him
but I'll be super annoyed if he's like, really happy,
you know, or if he gets rich
or if he starts going to the gym.
Okay, you could totally go to the gym too.
Don't be insane, okay?
I just want him to suck a little bit.
Also, that's what she said.
No, for real, who wants their ex
to meet their new girlfriend?
Are you dumb?
He wants to be friends, that's the whole point.
Anyway, why are you stressing?
Literally who could possible be better than you?
You know you're right, you're right.
I don't even go to the gym and I'm this fit.
It's just my lifestyle, I have a good lifestyle.
That's right.
That's why F the stairs, let's take the elevator.
You're smart, you're funny, and you're confident.
You didn't really say anything about how I look.
Can we just run that back one more time?
You're hot, you're sexy, and you have amazing boobs.
Oh my God, you're so right,
all of those things perfectly describe me.
(scoff) Which girl is gonna be hotter than me?
You're such a good friend.
(scoff) It's gonna be totally fine.
(clears throat) Nothing to worry about.
(record scratch) I'm sorry, what?
I said meet my girlfriend Karlie.
Karlie, nice to meet you.
Can you just excuse me one second?
Just gonna talk to you for a second.
God, are you kidding me, Karlie effing Kloss.
What is this, a bad pop music video?
I know, oh my God, should we get a selfie?
- What, no.
Do you have lotion? - What?
Give me some lotion right now.
So sorry, we're just checking the vegetarian options.
Hold this, hold this, give me the lotion, oh my God.
What is this, some sort of sick joke?
I don't understand.
It's okay, be cool, just be cool.
They're crusty, look at that, they're crusty.
No, they're great.
Okay, hold this, hold this.
I have big boobs, right, big boobs, big boobs.
Yeah, of course.
They're perfect, they're amazing.
One, two, three, go.
[Together] Hey.
So, Karlie, what do you do?
I'm a model.
Wow! - Really?
That sounds crazy.
Not just a model, a supermodel.
Anything I've seen?
Um, maybe the Victoria's Secret fashion show?
Oh, no, never heard of it.
No, me neither.
Um, okay, maybe Swarovski?
No, no.
Adi- Adaydas?
I mean, it rings, it rings a bell.
You know what it is, I'm, I'm sorry,
I'm usually like too busy on set
so I can't keep up with these things.
Yeah, she's so busy.
So busy.
Lilly has this adorable thing
where she dresses up like her dad.
Uh, mostly charity work
is mostly what I, all the time.
I have philanthropist in my Twitter bio
so it's pretty serious.
That's amazing.
Isn't it so fulfilling?
I love to teach girls to learn how to code.
Karlie's amazing at code.
Well, actually, Lilly is amazing at code too.
Yeah, that's right, I, I sub-tweet all the time.
Coding like Ruby on Rails, writing HTML script.
No, yeah, I totally get it, same page.
I LMAO at scripts every day.
Computer coding.
Okay, so you're a supermodel that does computer coding.
Wow, okay, yeah.
(whispers) Can I get another one of these?
Thanks, make it a double, thanks.
That's amazing.
(phone ding)
Oh, Ashley just texted me.
Oh, just my friend Ashley Graham.
Like Ashley Graham the supermodel?
Yeah, she's my girl.
Of course, yes, Ashley Graham and I the supermodel,
we're totally like best friends.
Yeah, yes, yes, we went out just yesterday.
I just saw her, she didn't mention you.
Yeah, no, we went out for a bite to eat.
We're like this.
Are you talking about your graham crackers
that you had for dinner last night?
Such a small world.
You know what, I bet we're mutual friends on Facebook.
Tiny world.
(slow bass music)
Oh, I forgot to tell you, I started going to the gym.
Cheque please.
(door slam)
Karlie Kloss just touched my hand.
Oh my God!
Sell it on eBay, sell it on eBay!
I can't believe you didn't tell me
Lilly Singh was your ex.
Yeah, so what?
How am I supposed to compete with that?
And I didn't even get a selfie.
Snap, just like that,
kicking off twelve collabs of Christmas
with my sister from another mister Karlie Kloss.
Make sure you check out her YouTube channel.
The link is in the description.
Super 60 starts right now,
which means I'm responding to your comments
for the next hour.
Comment below and subscribe
because I've got 11 more surprise collaborations.
One love Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoom!
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When You Meet Your Ex's New Girlfriend (ft. Karlie Kloss)

4475 Folder Collection
kiki published on January 6, 2018    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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