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You'll get obsessed with things sometimes
I mean, very obsessed
And you really get into it
And you just sort of drop off one day
And you move on
And you get obsessed with something else
What is your latest obsession?
What's the things you're obsessed of these days?
Explain, explain to those who don't know what K-pop is
It's a global phenomenon, so I'm sure that everyone already knows what it is
But people out there
there are some people who thought you're talking about a weird drug
Is the latest thing, it's straight
It's a hot new thing
Um, no it's korean pop music
and it's beyond excellent
It's the best thing you've ever seen
It's the best thing you've ever seen
What it is about?
Is the videos?
Is it the music?
It's all of it.
It's the whole thing combined
It's kind of all of it.
It's like the combination, I don't know it is
It's like, It's like, I don't even know how to describe
But it's just, it's also addictive
Yeah, do you have a current favorite
Well, when we were in, when we did the Spiderman premiere in Seoul Korea
We were on the stage with the band called 2NE1
Do you see
Wow, that's right
They have a group of numbers of that band
They come to every show
And each K-pop band has like 15 team members
That was weird, too
Well this one only has 4
Oh really
This one only has 4
There are more like Girl's Generation
That's another one I like really
You see what I mean
Ok, so this, this group
What is the song that you like?
I like the song called “I am the best”. which I'm not going to try to say in Korean
But it's incredible
And the lyrics song is about
It's an older song.
I'm like way behind the time.
the song lyrics about being the best.
It just like I am the best
I am the best
I am the best
I feel like I've been singing that song for years
That's what I'm saying
In the mirror
That's what happens
We have a clip
Because we've heard of it
This is the song
We are with “I am the best” K-pop
What's the name of the group again?
Take a look
I wanna have that
I wanna do a night
Would you come back
If Andy and I did a night where we're just those three chairs
that spin around
those chairs
It's kind of being on the voice but cooler.
There I say
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Emma Stone Is Obsessed With K-Pop - CONAN on TBS

32970 Folder Collection
jenny published on December 10, 2017    jenny translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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