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  • Hello there!

  • This is the "Sounds American" channel.

  • Let's have some fun!

  • Have you heard about homophones?

  • Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

  • A good example are the words "eye" and "I."

  • Homophones can be very confusing.

  • We mean, like, really confusing.

  • For instance, "there" and "their."

  • Here's another good one: "here" and "hear."

  • Did you hear that?

  • What's actually confusing are the differences in spelling.

  • Different spellings don't always mean different pronunciation.

  • For example, "pair" and "pear."

  • Here's the good news, though.

  • Homophones make pronunciation exercises shorter,

  • since you have less words to learn.:).

  • Listen:

  • "way" and "weigh."

  • Awesome, isn't it?

  • Speaking of pronunciation exercises, we happen to have one for you.

  • This is how it works:

  • you'll see a word on the screen and hear its pronunciation.

  • Like this:

  • Repeat each word after the speaker.

  • Remember, these are homophones, so at least two sequential words will sound the same.

  • Let's begin.

  • You're done!

  • Congratulations!

  • Hope you find it useful!

  • Stay tuned on our Sounds American channel!

Hello there!

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100 English Homophones with American Accent

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    John posted on 2017/11/24
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