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Don't move! Police!
What law did we break by believing in God?
What gives you the right to arrest Christians at will?
All religious belief will be banned by the Chinese Communist Party.
And the national government has called for a specifically targeted crackdown on your house churches.
We can dispose of their key people in any way that we choose.
They mean nothing!
Where did you put the church's seventy thousand yuan?
Tell me who your leaders are.
I haven't done anything illegal.
Why are you interrogating me?
Why are you asking about the money and leaders of the church?
Cut the nonsense!
Don't talk, and you won't leave here alive!
Who's gonna know if I waste you in here? No one will know!
God! I can't take it much longer.
Please give me faith and strength!
If you disclose everything that you know,
we will let your whole family go.
If you still don't talk,
we'll strip you totally naked, take a video of you.
There is nothing that your party wouldn't do to make people betray God!
The Communist Party has always done this.
No one can defy it!
Strip her of everything!
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Christian Movie Trailer | Walk With God | "In the Deep of Winter" | God Is My Life and My Hope

53 Folder Collection
John published on November 24, 2017
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