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  • Don't move! Police!

  • What law did we break by believing in God?

  • What gives you the right to arrest Christians at will?

  • All religious belief will be banned by the Chinese Communist Party.

  • And the national government has called for a specifically targeted crackdown on your house churches.

  • We can dispose of their key people in any way that we choose.

  • They mean nothing!

  • Where did you put the church's seventy thousand yuan?

  • Tell me who your leaders are.

  • I haven't done anything illegal.

  • Why are you interrogating me?

  • Why are you asking about the money and leaders of the church?

  • Cut the nonsense!

  • Don't talk, and you won't leave here alive!

  • Talk!

  • Who's gonna know if I waste you in here? No one will know!

  • God! I can't take it much longer.

  • Please give me faith and strength!

  • If you disclose everything that you know,

  • we will let your whole family go.

  • If you still don't talk,

  • we'll strip you totally naked, take a video of you.

  • There is nothing that your party wouldn't do to make people betray God!

  • The Communist Party has always done this.

  • No one can defy it!

  • Strip her of everything!

Don't move! Police!

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