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I mean one of my favorite tweets of yours. - Oh, no.
If you don't follow Anna on twitter, she's hilarious.
One of my favorite tweet she put.
Is there a filter on Instagram that fixes bitchy resting face?
I'm asking for a friend.
Do you think you're guilty of it?
I do.
Yeah, I mean I felt like...
Resting bitchy face.
You know like when somebody takes a photo, and I'm in the background of it.
And I look at it, like I do think,
"Oh my god, what's wrong with me?"
Like I'm just...
I'm like...
That's your resting bitch face.
Hailee, have you got a good..
Have you got a good resting bitch face?
Can you? Let's see.
No, she just looks really sweet.
She looks so nice.
She looks so approachable.
It's sweet.
Brittaney, let's see your resting bitch face.
I don't know.
I mean...
Just do it, go.
It's more like a stank face.
Yeah, like a...
I'm not impressed.
You're doing like smothering face.
That's not smothering.
You just mean just your resting face, does it look like a bitch?
Okay, hang on.
I just look like I'm thinking about having another lunch.
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Anna Kendrick Hates Her Resting Bitch Face

18671 Folder Collection
黃艾瑄 published on November 27, 2017    黃艾瑄 translated    Jerry reviewed
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