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  • Sometime in the not too distant future,... we may not need to get our meat in the traditional

  • way, by slaughtering animals. We may be able to grow it in a petri dish.

  • Kim Min-ji reports on the world's first lab-grown meat patty -- and gives us an idea of what

  • people really think about the taste and texture. The world's first test-tube burger has been

  • unveiled to the public.

  • With features similar to a regular meat patty,...

  • this artificial patty is actually produced from 20-thousand tiny strips of laboratory-grown

  • meat,... combined with other ingredients such as salt, bread crumbs and egg powder.

  • Red beet juice and saffron have also been added to give the meat its color.

  • Scientist-turned-chef Professor Mark Post from Maastricht University in the Netherlands

  • produced the synthetic meat,... which cost an outstanding 325-thousand U.S. dollars to

  • produce,... as part of a project aimed at showing that meat grown in laboratories can

  • reduce environmental impact and meet the growing demand for meat.

  • Critics who tasted the meat at an event in London, said that it tasted close to meat,

  • but wasn't as juicy as they'd expected.

  • "I was expecting the texture to be more soft... There is quite some intense taste, it's close

  • to meat, but it's not that juicy. The consistency is perfect, but I miss salt and pepper."

  • One critic waxed on about the experience of sampling the futuristic food.

  • "The texture, the mouth feel has, a feel like meat, the, what Hani was just saying, the

  • absence of I feel like the fat. It's a leanness to it, but the bite you know feels like a

  • conventional hamburger."

  • Professor Post believes that his new creation could bring about a revolution in the artificial

  • meat market,... with food products such as his appearing in supermarkets in less than

  • a decade.

  • "The texture is very similar, slightly different, because the fibers are smaller. It's very,

  • very similar, and the taste is good, it tastes like meat. It's not quite there, but it's

  • getting there, and this is a very good start for future improvement."

  • The World Health Organization says meat production is expected to rise 376 million tons by 2030,

  • and demand for meat from the global population is likely to exceed production.

  • Professor Post's creation will likely pave new roads in food production, as the stem

  • cells from one animal can produce a million times more meat than the meat from the same

  • animal ever could.

  • Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

Sometime in the not too distant future,... we may not need to get our meat in the traditional

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World's first test-tube burger unveiled to public 세계 최초 인공 소고기 버거 공개

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