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  • As the international community discusses tightening sanctions on North Korea for its recent nuclear

  • test, basketball star Dennis Rodman has embarked on his first visit to the reclusive state.

  • Choi You-sun has more. Five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman, well-known for his colorfully

  • dyed hair, tattoos, piercings and "bad boy" image, arrived Tuesday in one of the world's

  • most isolated countries, North Korea.

  • During his week-long stay, Rodman, along with his exhibition basketball team, the Harlem

  • Globetrotters, will run a basketball camp for North Korean children and shoot hoops

  • with North Korean basketball players.

  • "It's my first time. I think it's most of these guys' first time here. So hopefully

  • everything is going to be okay, and hopefully the kids will have a good time for the game."

  • The former basketball star's attempt at "sports diplomacy" in the Hermit Kingdom, comes on

  • the heels of Pyongyang's back-to-back rocket launch and nuclear test that have drawn strong

  • condemnation from the international community.

  • Despite the North's recent rhetoric against the U.S. for spearheading a post-rocket launch

  • UN resolution, there's speculation that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, a reported NBA

  • and Rodman fan, could meet with his basketball idol.

  • Rodman has also expressed his hope for a meeting with the North Korean leader.

  • Washington, however, is not as enthused.

  • After having criticized Google chief Eric Schmidt's private mission to North Korea earlier

  • this year as being "unhelpful," Washington distanced itself from this latest trip and

  • said Rodman's group did not contact the U.S. government prior to the visit.

  • "We don’t vet U.S. citizensprivate travel to North Korea, but we do urge U.S. citizens

  • contemplating travel to North Korea to review our Travel Warnings on North Korea."

  • Although it's unlikely that Rodman's publicized trip will change the situation either in or

  • outside of the reclusive regime, the delegation said it aims to encourage North Korean people

  • to open up and improve relations with the outside world.

  • Choi You-sun, Arirang News.

As the international community discusses tightening sanctions on North Korea for its recent nuclear

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Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Visits N. Korea

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