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  • Chris Hemsworth is one of those rare actors who can do it all.

  • The Australian star clearly excels in action films,

  • considering he's the mighty Thor of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • But he can also handle fantasy, comedy, drama, and even horror.

  • This kind of versatility means that Hemsworth is regularly on set, and all those long hours

  • can make even the biggest movie stars a little loopy.

  • Well, the results have been caught on film.

  • Here are some of the best Chris Hemsworth bloopers.

  • Juggling act

  • Mjolnir, Thor's mighty hammer, is unmovable by pretty much everyone except the God of Thunder himself.

  • It's probably the most famous object in Norse mythology, and certainly the most famous tool

  • in comics, aside of Captain America's shield or Batman's utility belt.

  • Of course, the hammer Hemsworth carries around in all the Marvel films is just a lightweight prop.

  • And apparently, he can toss it around and juggle it quite easily.

  • Okay, maybe not easily.

  • Joke-busters

  • Before the cameras roll, actors carefully memorize their lines.

  • Preparation is important for a good performance, of course.

  • But familiarization with the material is critical in comediesif actors don't know what's coming,

  • they're liable to laugh and ruin takes.

  • Now imagine how tricky it gets once everyone is improvising on the spot.

  • Take the 2016 Ghostbusters, for example, when Hemsworth had to describe why he likes hot dogs:

  • "It contains all two food groups…"

  • "Dogs and buns… (laughs) sorry."

  • Director Paul Feig encourages actors to try out ideas that pop into their heads during filming,

  • and even throws out suggestions himself.

  • But sometimes, when a joke is brand new, it's hard to deliver it with a straight face.

  • "I slept through a fire once."

  • "Didn't even smell it."

  • "It was in your house?"

  • "Yeah."

  • "The whole house burned down around me."

  • "Yeah, f---!"

  • And once a bad case of the giggles has set in, there may be no coming back from it.

  • "The fire was in your house?"

  • "Yeah."

  • "And the whole house went down."

  • "F---, it upsets me now! (laughs)"

  • Just say it

  • Certain scenes inThor: The Dark Worldbetween Hemsworth and Natalie Portman's character, Jane Foster,

  • are tender and emotionally powerful.

  • Well...they were supposed to be.

  • "But I do know this…"

  • "Know what?"

  • "I know that…"

  • "That what?"

  • Come on, Thor, just tell her how you feel.

  • "Jane, I don't know what happened or where you were…"

  • Huntsman holdups

  • Hemsworth plays the the title role in the Huntsman films,

  • the action-packed adaptations of the Snow White folktale,

  • collected and popularized by the Brothers Grimm in 19th century Germany.

  • The films actually take place long before thatthey have a strong Medieval, fairytale vibe.

  • At any rate, it's long before the dawn of mechanical flight.

  • Which means Hemsworth had to put the acting on pause

  • whenever filming was interrupted by scene-stealing airplanes.

  • But planes weren't the only things that held up production.

  • Unfortunately, there was one on-set diva who wanted nothing to do with poor Hemsworth.

  • And then there were those moments where he had no one to blame but himself.

  • "Hang onthe worst-paced acting ever."

  • Do a little dance

  • What if you witnessed one of the strongest and most unbreakable objects on the planet

  • crack in half and reveal itself for what it truly is

  • some flimsy little objects glued together?

  • Let's just say, a little dancing solves most problems.

  • Cape gone wild

  • The three most defining characteristics of Thor are the powerful hammer in his hand,

  • that long blond hair, and his red cape that ripples in the wind behind him.

  • Well, two out of three ain't bad.

  • Because on the set of this standalone Thor film,

  • Hemsworth's most temperamental co-star wasthat cape.

  • In addition to the cape issues on the Dark World set,

  • it apparently wasn't clear to some people whether certain scenes had finished filming or not...

  • "I believe you were and you weren't."

  • "What the hell's this?"

  • "We're still going!"

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Chris Hemsworth is one of those rare actors who can do it all.

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