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Beyond the dot of green where humans dwell, lies the world’s greatest natural wonder.
The Ocean
This vast blue wilderness covers three-quarters of our planet.
It carves our coastlines and dominates our weather systems.
It supports life from some of the largest animals that ever lived, down to the tiniest
deep-sea creatures.
We are living on a blue planet.
But human activities are increasingly threatening the health of the ocean.
Pollution and overfishing are taking a toll on marine life and ecosystems.
These threats know no borders.
But they can be reversed.
Pew’s Global Ocean Legacy Project is working with its partners around the world to establish
the first network of highly protected marine parks.
Kept safe from human activities, these marine reserves are windows into some of the greatest
wildlife spectacles on earth.
Their beauty is matched only by their vitality.
When a marine reserve is created, natural treasures are protected and renewal beings.
Fish repopulate, coral regenerates and species of all varieties spill out of the boundaries
replenishing life in neighboring waters.
Nature can rebuild.
Marine reserves play a part in helping to replenish
the food source for four billion people.
And provide benefits far beyond sustenance to island communities, where culture is defined
by the sea.
Since 2006, communities, scientists, indigenous leaders, and governments have worked together
to safeguard over two million square miles of the ocean by securing commitments to nine
highly protected marine reserves.
These designations have started a movement that brings us one step closer to safeguarding
our vital life support system.
Left alone, the sea has the power to regenerate and restore life.
By protecting these special places, we can make a difference.
It’s time to align passion with possibility.
It’s time to protect our blue planet.
Join us.
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Celebrating 10 years of Global Ocean Legacy's Commitment to Ocean Protection

201 Folder Collection
Fanny Liu published on November 20, 2017
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