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We loved Dakota last time she was on our show.
She show us a game, it was a very fun game.
And you now brought us a new game you played with Dakota that we don't know about.
Yeah, well, we played this here in New York on the set,
and like 5 am in the morning.
It's a game called Chubby Bunny.
You know this?
I don't know whether you guys know it.
It's a really good way to eat marshmallows.
So we got some marshmallows here.
So basically you got to put the marshmallow in your mouth
and say the phrase "chubby bunny".
And you got to see how many marshmallows you can fit into your mouth
while still being able to say the words.
"Chubby bunny."
Do you want me go first?
I mean, it requires a lot of brains, this game.
Okay, you go first.
Don't eat it!
Just hold it in your mouth!
"Chubby bunny"
Am I doing it right?
Yeah, that's one.
"Chubby bunny"
I can see this is gonna get tricky.
Round two.
It's not as easy as it looks.
No, it's really hard!
It's freaking hard!
"Chubby Bunny"
Oh god, two is good.
Two is hard.
"Chubby Bunny"
Alright, good!
- Does it have to be all the way in? - Yeah it has to be in, yeah.
Get it in there.
"Chubby Bunny"
"Chubby Bunny"?
- No? That count? - Yeah, it counts, it counts.
"Chubby Bunny"
I heard it... (unintelligible)
Say it again?
"Chubby Bunny"
You wanna keep going?
It's not done yet!
One more! One more!
"Chubby Bunny"
"Chubby Bunny"
And you do get to enjoy your marshmallows.
Thank you.
It's a fun game.
I will play this again.
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Rebel Wilson Plays Chubby Bunny with Jimmy Fallon

10855 Folder Collection
Katharina Yang published on December 1, 2017    Katharina Yang translated    reviewed
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