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  • I would say try wandering up and down the junk food section of your grocery store,

  • and you will find your soulmate.

  • #guaranteed.

  • Anna Kendrick gives us advice we actually need.

  • What should you say to an ex

  • that keeps texting you and stalking you on social media?

  • You should text your ex:

  • "I set another fire last night, it's starting to make me feel alive.

  • Oh, sorry, wrong number."

  • I want to travel the world,

  • but also I feel like l should start saving my money

  • because I'm in my late twenties - what should I do?!

  • You should save your money, not buy anything,

  • even necessities like toilet paper.

  • It's a lie, just use leaves from your yard.

  • Sit on a pile of money,

  • and die on it and know that you were better.

  • How do you not act awkward around guys you meet for the first time?

  • You should imaging that you are...

  • You have the spirit of Oprah

  • and the face of James Marsden.

  • Male or female, doesn't matter.

  • You know what I'm saying?

  • And just project that in your daily life.

  • What do you say to someone who says they aren't hungry,

  • but then as soon as your plate of fries comes they start eating half of them?

  • Oh, I've lost friends that way before.

  • I don't allow that.

  • I don't stand for that kind of behavior.

  • What's the best way to start a convo

  • with someone that you see out and are into?

  • My opening line is usually looking over at them,

  • and giving that awkward half smile,

  • and hoping that they'll come talk to me.

  • Because the half smile is such that it could be,

  • "Hi, you seem friendly, and I'm bored."

  • but also I keep it cool enough that it could be the person right behind them.

  • I like to keep my feelings protected.

  • What should you do when you accidentally send a screenshot of a text exchange

  • to the person you were texting?

  • You're in a pickle, my friend!

  • Just say, just start a rumor that there is a glitches on iPhones,

  • or whatever phone you have.

  • Create a couple of websites,

  • log in as a number of people on various forums.

  • saying "Does anybody else have this problem?

  • We should write a letter to Steve Jobs ghost." And that's the only solution I can think of.

  • How do I get my family to stop asking me

  • when I'm going to get married and have children?

  • I think you should say that the reason you're not having a baby

  • is that the water wars are coming

  • because the world is gonna end.

  • And that baby will just be food

  • for somebody's stronger, well equipped baby.

  • And that should shut them up.

I would say try wandering up and down the junk food section of your grocery store,

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Anna Kendrick Gives Hilariously Perfect Life Advice

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    Jerry posted on 2017/11/16
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