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I think...
I think...
I got these Match Stix to work for me!
*Intro Music for AEHM artistry*
What up guys?!
Ashley Elizabeth here with AEHM artistry.
Today I'm going to show you how I got this
Matchstix trio in the shade Light to work for me.
If you watch my Instagram stories or snapchat
then you know that I have had quite the battle with these
Fenta Beauty matchsticks.
Basically what I cannot do, is I cannot just swipe them
on and blend because you know what?
They blend to nothing!
And that is with a brush or with a Beauty Blender.
I can't, I can't swipe it right on.
And I was thinking that contour shade, which is called Amber, felt like it was too light of a
color. It wasn't dark enough...
And then the shade Linen, which is the highlight &
concealer stick, felt like it was not light ENOUGH.
So, it was a weird balance.
The Starstruck highlighter, with the shimmer in it, was kind of separating on my
pores. You can't put it directly on the foundation or else it will just mush it
around. It is terrible, yuck!
And I tried it with several different foundations.
I probably tried it about three or four times. And yesterday I think I found the
golden ticket because this makeup ain't gonna beat me no, no, no!
Maybe if you have it, and you're struggling with it, you can get it to work for you too.
I really feel like this is a light natural contour.
That is great for those "girls [& boys] on the go",
for moms on the go, that don't have a lot of time to blend and blend
and brush and brush because this technique will get it done lickety-split.
First I prep my skin properly starting with my moisturizers
and then I go in with the primer that they make. It's really really nice.
And then I go with their foundation.
What I love about that, even though I have dry skin, is I don't
have to set it with powder.
So I put this foundation on just a few minutes ago and
it's already dried down and it doesn't move and it doesn't shift.
If I add powder on top of it, it is SuperDuper matte. It's too much for
my dry skin. So, if you have dry skin,
just know those tips. Moisturize ahead of time,
I love their primer and the foundation, don't touch it with
powder after just let it sit, except a little bit of contour powder if you want.
Now, right over the foundations done, I go in with my matchsticks. Like I said at
the beginning, do not swipe it straight on because I find that...number one, it
does drag the product no matter what foundation I use underneath and number
two, it blends out to nothing. And it's like nothing's even there and it's just
like what the heck?
So what I do, is I use my Beauty Blender
and I swipe it right on just one side.
And then I go into the hollows of my
cheeks and I just start blending it out.
And the color payoff is so much better this way.
Than the other way, you would think.
I totally thought this would be a good swipe on stick and blend out and I could
just go on with my day, but no.
That proved to be fatal.
And you could just
build up the color or you can do a very light.
And I actually learned this, I need
to find the comment that I found, I was watching somebody's [first impression video]
and some commenter said "you know you're supposed to apply that with the foundation brush right?".
Like, straightaway and then swipe it on.
Like, put the fountain, put it on the
foundation brush and then swipe it on.
And then I thought, "you know it would be
even better my Beauty Blender!". And so I ran upstairs, no joke, and I went and I
tried this
And I was like "yes, finally!"
So I need to find that commenter and thank them!
Because I was about ready to run to Sephora and return this because I was so
mad at it! Like, I was so mad.
Which is ridiculous. But if you watch my snaps you
know I tried it to so many different ways. So many different ways, guys.
And this is so much nicer.
Just warm up the face.
And then it's not separating my
foundation or anything like what was happening before.
And I'm just tapping the product on.
Now I will say, there is one way that I do like swiping this on...
and I actually like swiping on for the nose contour. Because it blends out to
nothing. It's not so harsh.
See it like it blends out too like
almost nothing. That's why I like applying it to a sponge, but like I said
for the cream contour for the nose, I like it blending out to almost nothing.
Because I just want it to a hint.
I just listened to somebody that said
"contouring the nose too heavy is like somebody with a bad toupee".
Which its like, you ain't fooling anybody, we all know! But you know what?
I like a little contour on the nose but I want to keep it very minimal, for sure.
Alright, so that was the Amber stick in the matchstix trio.
Now for the highlight type of shade
that's more of a highlight / concealer.
Ifound adds very light coverage.
It doesn't really conceal all that much.
So let's just use it as kind of like a highlighter.
I'm using a new Beauty Blender, so I don't mix the contour shade
in there. If you don't have the luxury of having 14 million Beauty blenders like I
do, then just use the other side of the beauty blender from the beginning.
And make sure your Beauty blenders are damp, of course.
Cut that the line a little bit further.
If you want to blend it. You can blend the two together, if you want a
more soft look.
You can definitely cater it to the look
that you are going for.
And then I very, very lightly put it under the eyes.
If I do too much it will 100% crease in my fine lines.
I noticed it's really good for
cutting that shadow line.
Then I flip the Beauty Blender around, just
make sure to the two really melt together.
And that's with the matchstick trio
shade in Linen from the light set.
Alright, and the last step that we're gonna
go in with is the Starstruck highlight stick.
This one I notice I can either
warm it with my finger and very, very gently Pat it or I can go in with my
little Beauty Blender, that is the concealing one, or again you can go with
your regular Beauty Blender if you have a clean side. Or just use your finger.
But again, take it right off the product and then just very, very lightly
tap it right on.
And it's very subtle, so this isn't for that, like, super blinding highlight.
But on a day that I want to be more natural,
this is nice.
I'll do the finger way on the other side.
A little more concentrated but with the finger
you have to make sure you're not moving the product around too much.
Alright, that is with the matchstick trio Starstruck shade
in the Light set.
You guys can see up close a little bit.
Now overall, is
this something that you absolutely need to have in your makeup stash?
I'm not still a hundred percent like, yeah totally.
What I really like this for:
is somebody that's on the go, that wants something done really quick and
still give a little bit more polished look and some definition. Who doesn't
have time to completely blend and blend and blend. Just do not go in with it just
straight on. But if it works, and if it does that well for you, that's awesome.
Tell me what foundation you paired with it because it didn't work for me.
But I really liked it this Beautyblender way.
Let me know in the comments below
if you feel like trying this.
There are some other highlight sticks out there that
got me sailing!
Like the [Fenty Beauty] Confetti, I think would just be awesome!
And you know what
I love most about these is? They're magnetic and I can add a million!
Alright, thank you guys so much for watching!
I hope this information helped
you decide if you want to get the Fenty Beauty Matchstix trio, and this
particular one was in this shade Light.
And if you already have it, let me know
if you try this and if this is what works better for you, if you're having
I kind of felt like I was a little bit alone and like everybody was
I didn't feel like anybody was raving about it, but I didn't feel like
anybody was saying that it wasn't good.
And I was like....
this is not good, what the ...
Know what? I made it work and I love it now and it's great for those days that
I'm on the go.
Before you guys fall down the rabbit hole which is YouTube
Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button, please!
Every view, share, like and subscriber helps!
Don't forget to find me on social media.
I think my absolute favorite has been Twitter, but I am starting to do
Instagram live stories. So if you want more content go visit me there.
Alright, you guys have a great lovely day! XOXO
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FENTY Beauty Match Stix TRIO in LIGHT Shade & How to USE Fenty Match Sticks

222 Folder Collection
郭虹廷 published on November 15, 2017
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