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[Narrator] Just over 30 miles away
from the Slovenian capital,
this alpine lake looks like it belongs
on the cover of a storybook.
With a fairytale cliff-side castle,
an emerald green freshwater lake,
and views of some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps,
Lake Bled and its island church
make a postcard-perfect scene.
To visit the Assumption of Mary Church,
you must catch a ride on a wooden boat known as a plenta.
Plentas have been taking visitors to the island
in the middle of the lake for centuries.
Once reaching the island, it's a 99-stone-step climb
to reach the entrance to the church.
It is said that if a groom could carry his bride
up these steps and ring the wishing bell at the top,
the marriage would be a happy one.
The church is most famous for this bell,
which was made in the early 16th century
and is said to be a gift from the Pope.
Legend has it this was the church's second bell.
The first was bought for the church by an inconsolable widow
in honor of her late husband
who was murdered and then thrown into the lake.
When boatmen brought it across to the church,
an unexpected storm hit,
and the bell sunk to the bottom.
It is said if you listen closely in the dead of night,
you can hear the sunken bell
ringing from the depths of this picturesque lake.
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In the Slovenian Alps, an Island on an Emerald Lake Beckons

2417 Folder Collection
amanda published on December 1, 2018    Hsin Wei translated    Evangeline reviewed
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