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(Fun Exciting Music)
- We're off! We're going!
13 hours baby.
We had a little mishap with seating.
- Well what happened was, we had the issue
like a week ago where
they canceled all of our

seats and we had to
rebook our seats twice?

- Three times.
- Three times.
- Bonnie was clearly back by his self.
- Ellie and I were on the
ends and luckily no one

showed up here in the middle so Bonnie
came up here and Jole is just sitting
right there.
We're close but not as
close as we'd wanna be.

- 13 hours? You ready for this?
- You have your melatonin?
Your Advil, snacks, crackers,
water, and pair of headphones.

- Super Mario Brothers.
Do you want the air on?
I can't reach it.
- I just picked my nose.
- Jace that is not where
the salad dressing goes.

Your pants are not salad.
- I am so red.
- Can you believe that?
- He take his shoes off?
- No look at his pants.
- Oh, that's cause of his shoes.
- It's all over his pants.
- Class, it's just class.
- We all made it.
Jace and Rachel.
- We're here!
- Hi! Bonnie and Jole.
We just made it to the hotel.
We flew for 17 hours in the airplane.
- But we're in China, isn't this amazing?
- [Elle] This is amazing.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

I don't know where I'm going but
this is all so beautiful.
We're staying here for
the first two nights.

Wow! That wall is stunning.
It's like gold foil. Look at that wall.
- [Jared] Isn't that amazing?
- [Elle] This is stunning.
- [Jared] Carved out by hand.
- Wow! K.
We've gotta try and go get some rest.
(Bouncy Xylophone music)
Hope I'm saying this right.
We are in Ghaungzhou.

- [Jared] Ghaungzhou.
- Ghaungzhou.
- [Jared] Ghaungzhou.
- Ghaungzhou, China.
That is were we are at today.
This is out our bedroom window.
It's supposed to be really
hot and humid today here.

We are going to be going to a place
that's really cold and a
place that's really warm.

- This is crazy! We
are in China right now!

But here's the craziest thing,
we left Utah on November first.
We woke up and it's November third.
We lost November second, I
have no idea where it went.

- We will never get it back.
- [Jared] No we won't.
- We had an awesome day traveling.
It is 7:30am here but it is
5:30pm where the kids are at.

And this is our hotel
room, this is our bed,

this is amazing! It's beautiful!
We are going to be in
a few different hotels,

this is definitely the
nicer one that we will be

in this week. It's awesome!
(Adventurous Xylophone Music)
Bonnie and I have some
business opportunities

that we are looking into so that
is why we are here in China.
We have our awesome friend Jace. Hi Jace!
Oh! Rachel!
- [Jared] You totally forgot about Rachel!
- I was totally going to jump in.
- [Elle] I'm Sorry!
- Do it again! Do it again!
- Jace and Rachel! Okay.
- Left side? I can't do left side.
- One, two, three, go!
- That was awesome! I'm sorry!
Jace and Rachel.
- I was like I'm gonna do it.
- The biggest face of disappointment
I've ever seen in my life.
- Our friend Jace and not his spouse.
- You can tell she's disappointed
when this vein comes out.

- K, back to business we
are here with them and

Jace is helping us out but we were also
just gonna explore and tour and have a
lot of fun, so here we go.
- Yay!
- Excited? Nervous? Start an adventure?
- I still can't believe we're here?
We're in flipping China!
- This is Elle's energy at
the beginning of the day.

(laughs) She is running up the stairs.
Bonnie I will not run
up there if you don't.

Oh you're running! Oh my gosh!
Dun a duh dun a duh! Oh no
way! I'm in super drive!

Woo! K, I'm ready for a nap.
(Fun Music)
Our first stop today is the Canton Fair.
To me the closest thing
I can compare it to CES,

the Consumer Electronics
Show but for everything.

There's everything here so.
- Food, clothes, underwear, coats.
- Tech, all this amazing stuff.
- It's really cool.
- We're walking down.
- And it's like the last
day so it's not packed.

- Which is amazing.
This is one section out of
how many sections are there?

- Fourteen times four so...
- [Elle] So lots!
- [Jared] Over 50.
- 52?
- [Jared] Yeah.
- Something like that.
- [Jared] Geez.
- [Jole] There you go!
- I think you're right though a
chest strap would be really nice.
- [Jole] Yeah, that's
the only thing missing.

You're ready for school.
- I've got my college books in bag.
- (Jole laughs)
- I'm moving and this is all
my, everything that I own.

- [Jole] They said you could
only fit it in one carry on.

They didn't say how big
the carry on could be.

- Jole, Jace get in.
I'm going road trippin'.
- [Jole] We're going road trippin'.
- I feel like I'm traveling to Mars.
- [Elle] Oh my!
- Wait til it does it on your hands.
- [Elle] I think your mom's gonna
want you to bring one home.
- If it was in the airplane I will.
Seriously I feel like I'm going
to go into hibernation
mode an lose it all.

- Oh my!
- [Elle] It's rubbing your hands.
- That is a face I don't
ever want to see again.

- [Elle] It's on your feet.
- Your chest is shaking.
- Remember when we went on that
cruise and we got massages?
- [Elle] Yeah.
- This is already better.
- [Elle] (Gasps)
- [Jared] You need to tell me what you're
actually feeling and what it's really like
and don't hold back.
- Everyone makes really
weird creepy faces.

- [Jared] But you'll know why soon, k?
It tilts back and everything.
It's the most incredible thing.
My mom would die for one of these.
- Oh my gosh! My feet!
- [Jared] Doesn't it feel so good?
- Yes! Oh it's like rubbing my feet!
I love it! They talk about
buying it in a group.

- [Jared] I know.
- They have a client that's buying some.
- Elle and I were the first
one's to get our food.

We got our food at the
Bruce Lee store, which

I think is the coolest thing in the world.
We're trying to save tables because
we've got a huge group with us.
So Elle's sitting over there gonna save
all these tables. Bruce Lee store.
That's good food right?
That's like the best.

- It's one of the bigger
fast food chains in China.

(Jared laughs)
- It's actually Bruce Lee approved dining.
- [Jared] I think Bruce
Lee would eat here;

Elle's eating here so I
think Bruce Lee would too.

(Xylophone Music)
Hey I know you guys!
- This is Chinese Red Bull.
This is a more vitamin functional drink.
Jared is going to try the vitamin drink.
- So this is American Red
Bull, this is the Chinese one.

- [Elle] Taste it.
- It smells about the same.
- [Jace] Close.
- That's not bad at all.
- [Jace] No.
- That's great!
- [Jace] It's really soft.
- Mm Hm. There's no carbonation.
- [Jace] No. Super smooth.
- That's wow! I was
expecting like when you're

like you've gotta try this
and it's gonna be nasty.

- No no no it's so good.
- I like it.
- I just played chicken and won!
(Xylophone Music)
- Just hang on to me. Take
the weight off your feet.

I've gotcha. (laughs)
- We brought the 360
cam do you have it now?

- I was gonna say this is where the 360
cam would be really great.
(Slow Calm Music)
- So we were at this day spa.
We went to a day spa after all of that.
Walking around, it was a
blast but I got beat up.

Like I really got beat up by
this lady during the message.

It was so painful. How was yours?
- They are fierce.
- Oh yeah! There thumbs are sharp.
- It was good though, it was
a good deep tissue massage.

Got to sit in a hot tub.
- That was really nice.
- It was fun.
- Yeah, it was gorgeous in
there and then we're coming

outside and it's dark outside
now and all the buildings

are lit up and everything.
That's pretty cool.

But we are jet lagged;
I'm tired and we're gonna go to sleep.
- I feel much better
than I thought I would.

I don't know how you're
supposed to feel with jet lag.

- When I went to Finland I was a
lot more jet lagged then, than I am now.
- Oh, they're walking down this way.
- We're getting in the taxi.
- Haven't been nauseous, haven't been just
haven't had a headache.
Just been tired is all. Yeah?
- Yeah, not bad at all.
- So far maybe it will
hit us day three or four

or something you know?
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WHY WE WENT TO CHINA! (Ellie and Jared Travel Vlog #1)

173 Folder Collection
liushili666 published on November 14, 2017
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