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  • In here in subway.

  • It's not just crowded.

  • It's a crazy place.

  • And to prove that we went out of the street here on Brooklyn.

  • And ask people getting of it to share.

  • the craziest thing they ever saw on the subway.

  • What is the craziest thing you've ever seen on the subway?

  • There's one woman spilled her oatmeal,

  • someone else's kid tried eating it.

  • It's sad.

  • There was guy sitting next to me,

  • like nothing weird about that first,

  • and then he reaches into like CVS bag.

  • and grabs a deodorant

  • and he'd like opens it and starts like putting all over his body.

  • Like, on top of his clothes

  • painting his body with this deodorant.

  • It's crazy, but I see a lot of rats.

  • One run across by seven people.

  • And I'm like: ok, I'm out of here.

  • The buck of nakedness, the naked women.

  • People peeing in the cup, and then when the train like stops.

  • They just drop the cup,

  • and the pee is just like, slush all over the train.

  • I have seen an older gentlemen chase a young woman with a cane

  • to beat her for no reason.

  • I once time saw a guy, it was like Halloween,

  • so we were waiting for the train late in night

  • and the trash barge showed up.

  • And the kid just got on the trash barge and rolled it away.

  • and I'm very certain that he is dead now.

  • I don't remember, as I said.

  • I don't use subway more.

  • But what I think crazy is

  • is very common that man would stand on the platform outside

  • and as you were in the subway looking out.

  • they tended to masturbate at you.

  • But it was, you know.

  • Sort of normal that you don't even react to it.

  • That's fun.

  • That's my grandma my grandpa.

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  • And you'll finally be happy

In here in subway.

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